Bavaria cast wheels feature timeless designs and are low-pressure cast for a higher-density superior quality wheel. Bavaria wheels are lighter and offer greater brake clearance than most other brands. Bavaria cast wheels will enhance the performance and appearance of any car.  


Bavaria Wheels BC7M - 20"

The Bavaria BC7M features a sleek classic design stemming its roots from designs from Bavarian car culture. These wheels are available in a few different finishes at including Hyper Silver (shown in photo), Gloss Black Machined/DDT, and Satin Black Machined. With these color options, you're sure to find the perfect match for your vehicle.  



Bavaria Wheels BC5 - 20"

Sometimes less is more. The simplistic design of five spokes can really compliment the complex and diverse body lines of countless vehicles. The BC5 is also an excellent choice to showcase a vehicles big brake caliper system with its greater brake clearance. Keep that sleek simplistic design while taking advantage of this wheels lightweight and sturdy design.


Bavaria Wheels BC10 - 20"

The Bavaria BC10 features a 10 Spoke design with a concave face. Also available in multiple finishes, this wheel has the ability to compliment your vehicles body color or accents with available Matte Black Machined finish. Take your wheel game to the next step with this set of Bavaria BC10's for that exclusive and luxurious design, while still retaining your vehicles performance.


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