Bosch is one of the largest technology companies in the world. With involvement in the auto parts industry, they provide expertly engineered parts to make sure your vehicle is performing to the max whether it be in sensors, ignition systems and so much more. Bosch has worked with companies such as, but certainly not limited to, Volkswagen and Audi to manufacture and engineer original equipment items. UroTuning carries many of these products to ensure your vehicle is running as it should and to its maximum potential.




With a factory replacement or even an OEM+ option for your vehicle, you retain the reliability of a well tested and true replacement part. Bosch Ignition system parts such as coil packs and spark plugs are engineered specifically for your vehicle and fit perfect every time. Don't settle for a no-brand replacement part for your vehicle. Take the guesswork of compatibility out of the equation and get back on the road faster!  



Just as with ignition systems on your vehicle, a very crucial component to your vehicle is the Oxygen Sensors (O2 Sensors). The O2 Sensor is responsible for sending emissions data to your ECU to allow for proper fueling and efficient airflow values. This allows for the vehicle to perform with the most efficiency. Bosch provides countless replacements for your vehicle to get rid of those pesky O2 faults stored in your ECU. Find what fits for your vehicle using the parts filter feature in the UroTuning store.



There is nothing more frustrating and embarrassing than a squeaky braking system. More-so than that, a brake light on your dashboard because the brake pads you just installed don't have a pad sensor built into it. Most European cars have a brake pad wear sensor built into the pad and illuminate a BRAKE light on your dashboard. Bosch makes things easy with factory replacement and performance brake pad choices WITH the sensor built into them. Also with their QuietCast technology, your neighbors don't need to hear you braking as you approach your house sounding like a freight train on some metal rails. Brake with confidence using Bosch Brake Pads!

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