Broadway Suspension, Based in Richmond, VA. specializes in performance tailored suspension parts for BMW vehicles from custom coilover air struts to spring setups, upper strut mounting and other suspension accessories. With many options available in the UroTuning catalog from Broadway Suspension, there are also multiple custom set up options available for your vehicle to be able to dial in your suspension. Checkout all the options for your ride with!


Broadway Suspension offers handbuilt coilover suspension systems with solid upper pillowball mounts for front and rear for optimal performance. Other features include a new Version 2 Hi-Valve Piston, Spherical Bearing Bottom mounts, and Raidal Bearings. Don't settle for any suspension system for your performance driven build! Each of these systems are Dyno tested for consistency. A few custom options available are Air Piston Lift Systems, Remote Damper Controls, Premium upgraded springs and Helper/Assist Springs!


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