Condor Speed Shop got its start when two enthusiasts built a fire-spitting, widebody, turbo E30. Starting with a simple power steering delete, Condor Speed Shop has since grown into a brand with a wide range of products designed to make your BMW go faster and handle better.

Condor Speed Shop now offers a full range of engine, drivetrain, and suspension components, as well as a huge selection of accesories.


Inspired by the vintage BMW shift knobs from the 80's found in road, race and rally cars, these are sure to look good in your BMW. Not only do these Knobs turn heads, but they are fully functional.

Designed with the driver in mind, these designs keeps your shifter close to the steering wheel, allowing you to quickly reach over and change gears, minimizing the amount of time your hand is off the wheel.


These subframe plates from Condor are specifically designed to reinforce the subframe mounting points on your BMW. This prevents cracking and costly repairs. Click below to explore all of the reinforcement option offered from Condor Speed Shop!


Condor Shift Boots come in a wide range of classic BMW inspired patterns including M-Rain, M-Tech, M-Cross, and just about every other M-Performance pattern you can think of! Add a little but of flair to your interior with these beautiful OEM+ style shift boots from Condor Speed Shop!


Condor Speed Shop door cards are perfect for giving your track car that finished interior look. Formed from high strength ABS plastic, each set is designed to perfectly match your BMW door frame and are pre-bent and ready to install!

These cards include the cutout for the door latch mechanism and are pre-drilled half-depth in the proper locations... if you don't want to run them, you can leave them as is!


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