With a relentless passion to create and deliver the best driving experience, CORSA Performance uses advanced engineering technologies to engineer market-leading exhaust systems for a wide range of makes and models. Scroll down to learn more about the technology and engineering that makes CORSA Exhausts for your VW, Audi, or BMW so great!


Adding a cat-back exhaust to your vehicle is an excellent way to increase power and overall sound. Patented RSC Technology allows CORSA to acoustically style the sound of your vehicle to give you the true voice of performance without the annoying drone while cruising.

Straight through nonrestrictive system design maximizes airflow improving performance and fuel economy. All components; even clamps and hangers; of the system are constructed of premium grade stainless steel to ensure that the look and sound of your CORSA system won't change over the life of your vehicle. Proudly designed and manufactured in Berea, OH USA!


CORSA hit the ground running in 1998, creating exhausts that sound better and reduce drone issues by uise of proprietary RSC technologies and acoustic solutions. CORSA exhausts help to cancel resonant frequencies that cause drone and produce the desired exhaust tone. Every CORSA PERFORMANCE RSC exhaust system that is manufactured takes the OEM design into account, as well as desired performance output and interactions of the entire exhaust system.

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