DKM specializes in the design and manufacturing of performance clutch systems specifically for European sports vehicles! With performance clutches for daily street applications as well as race and track ready options that will stand up to any power you'll throw at it, DKM makes clutches that are ready to perform!

Through continued testing, product development, engineering, and manufacturing processes, DKM is able to offer extremely high quality and value to the enthusiasts that these clutch kits are built for!


The DKM Stage 1 MA clutch kit is perfect for drivers with moderately modified vehicles that are looking for a clutch option that retains OEM pedal feel while offering increased strength and performance for spirited driving applications.

A flywheel is included within the kit and replaces the factory flywheel or Dual Mass Flywheel. Each kit is comprised of a pressure plate, sprung organic disc and iron flywheel. Additional parts such as pilot bearing/bushing, throw-out bearing, and alignment tool are also included!

Take your daily to the next level with a DKM Stage 1 MA Clutch Kit!


The DKM Stage 2 MB clutch is able to provide up to an 80% increase in torque and is ideal for drivers with high performance aggressive street cars, as well as occasional track use. Featuring a composition of woven brass and organic materials with alloy backings to provide smooth engagements and extended clutch life.

Each kit consists of a pressure plate sprung organic disc and steel flywheel. Additional parts such as pilot bearing/busing, throw-out bearing, and alignment tool are also included.

This direct replacement for inconsistent factory clutches increases pedal feel wihtout compromising drivability!


The DKM Stage 3 MS Clutch Kit is designed to be able to withstand 100-200% more torque capacity to the wheels due to its rigid organic discs! This dual organic disc setup provides additional surface area contact which increases the clutch life while also offering increased torque capacity and strength.

The Stage 3 MS kit is includes a pressure plate, organic discs and steel flywheel. As is the case with all DKM Kits, additional parts such as pilot bearing/bushing, throw-out bearing, and alignment tool are all included.

Available in a flat-top design for VW and Audi applications as well as a conventional design for BMW applications, this clutch is road and track ready.


The Stage 5 MR Twin-Disc Clutch Kit from DKM is engineered for extremely high powered vehicles, featuring a billet pressure plate for increased stiffness and zero clamp-load defelection. Increased surface area due to the dual cera-metallic discs in conjunction with a smaller surface area reduce "Moment of Inertia", or MOL, maximizing the engines acceleration characteristics.

Stage 5 MR Clutch Kits are able to hold up to 650 ft/lbs of wheel torque and include a billet pressure plate, cera-metallic discs and steel flywheel. Additional parts such as pilot bearing/bushing, throw-out bearing and alignment tool are included.

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