Eventuri is a company founded by a team of engineers and enthusiasts with a background in aeronautics and tuning - all sharing an underlying enthusiasm for automotive performance. Eventuri is tired of air intakes that don't live up to their claims and decided to take matters into their own hands, setting a new benchmark in performance intake design and technology.

Eventuri aims to engineer components that provide real gains supported by real figures!


Eventuri Intake Systems are developed extensively with cutting edge design, testing, and prototyping, with an overall focus on on the ultimate performance.

Each design undergoes extensive CFD analysis and is then validated at the prototype stage through volumetric airflow, intake temperature and extensive dynamometer testing. Eventuri strives to publish all the development information to illustrate the steps in bringing an intake from concept to reality.

Using only the highest quality materials and components, Eventuri is raising the bar and creating intakes that set a new industry standard.


Eventuri's intakes feature a totally new type of intake design, featuring an inverted cone filter that is decoupled from the intake tube. By removing the direct connection between the filter and the inlet tube, the filter is no longer dictating the shape of the airflow. This is now being done by the carbon housing, which is designed to smoothly guide the air into the inlet tube without a sudden change in geometry. This means that we keep laminar conditions throughout the intake, which is a lot more efficient.

Essentially the entire housing acts as a large velocity stack. On the road this translates to more power with a smoother delivery as well as sharper throttle response since the airflow is not inhibited by abrupt geometry changes andso is more likely to remain laminar.

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