Fabless Manufacturing specializes in high quality handmade Volkswagen performance parts including re-center plates, suspension components, control arms, full swap kits, and more! Click below to shop all Fabless parts or scroll down to learn more!

All Fabless parts are handmade in Canada!


If you've driven a lowered VW, you're likely aware of the issue of the wheel hub becoming off-center once the vehicle is lowered. The re-center plate kit from Fabless corrects this issue and brings the wheel hub of your Volkswagen back to center, making for a much cleaner and more cohesive look.

The Re-Center Plates give the rear of the vehicle 2.25 degrees of added camber, used to accommodate the thickness of the plate to help keep the top of the wheel in the same position.

The re-center plates are laser cut, CNC machined and coated in yellow Zinc for corrosion protection.


Fabless control arms are a direct replacement for VW control arms and offer increased handling and performance via decreased joint play and added stiffness to both improve steering response as well as overall handling and tire contact while cornering.

These control arms are best suited to the performance enthusiast. You will have the most performance gain, due to the stiffness and rigidity of the mount but will also have increased road feedback and noise which is typical for heim joints. Best for race applications or vehicles that aren’t driven in winter road conditions.


Fabless also specializes in pre-assembled kits that make doing a full VR6 swap much more straight forward! With mounts, custom axles, and all necessary hardware, Fabless swap kits take away the headache of figuring out everything you need for a VR6 swap!

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