Conceived in 1999 and brought to fruition in 2005, Function & Form is a company that specializes in creating performance suspension components that make your car look and perform better!

F&F makes coilover suspension products for a wide range of vehicles, and hold a focus on parts that use style, class, and grace in unison for an end result that performs as great as it looks.

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Type 1 coilovers are a full bodied suspension system designed with simplicity in mind. Type 1 coilovers feature a less aggressive spring rate and a fixed dampening. This offers a simple setup with optimal durability, quality, ride smoothness and of course lowering characteristics.

The Type 1 coilover is perfect for anyone looking for suspension that offers great ride height and overall drivability for their daily driven vehicle


The Type 2 line is Function & Form's flagship suspension system, and is the ultimate street inspired coilover. The Type 2 philosophy is a coilover designed for street durability, comfort, and style, that can endure the occasional track days.

Spring rates are slightly more aggressive than a Type 1, to handle occasional track duties and spirited street driving. Type 2 suspension is designed to handle the wear and tear of daily driving duties, as well as occasional track use. With the Type 2’s 32 levels of dampening adjustment, you can dial in ride and handling characteristics for the street or the track, giving you ultimate versatility.

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