Griot's Garage makes top of the line cleaning products for automotive use, including car-wash liquid, polish, wax, buffing pads, towels, and more! Griot's Garage is always working to make a better product, one that helps car lovers get closer to perfection. "Good enough" is not in the companies vocabulary. If it's not the best you can buy, it's not from Griot's Garage.

Griot's Garage products are for those who appreciate craftsmanship, attention to detail, and an uncompromising standard of quality.



Griot's Garage car wash liquid soaps and spray products are simply the best in the industry, period! Whether youre looking for a more traditional car wash liquid, a foaming surface wash, or a rinse free spray on cleaner, Griot's has just the product for your vehicle!

Griot's Garage super-concentrated car wash formula delivers 2 gallons of high-sudsing lubricity per ounce, safely lifting dirt and grime and preventing swirls and scratches. Safe for all finishes including matte paint and wraps. A 16 ounce bottle creates 32 gallons of sudsing wash, and the gallon gives you a whopping 256 gallons, making it the best bang for your buck of any of our car washes!

Looking to give your car a quick clean without busting out the hose and making a mess? Spray-On Car Wash is the answer. It clings to the side panels of your vehicle and breaks up the road grime quickly. It also has great lubricity, wipes off easily, and reveals a streak-free clean.

Griot's Garage has a ton of car wash options, perfect for any situation!


In addition to an impressive lineup of washing liquids, Griot's Garage may be most known for their outstanding polishes and wax options. One of their most famous products is the Best of Show Wax, available in liquid and spray variants, which wipes away easily and leaves your paint with an unbeatable depth and finish.

Griot's also offer tons of other polishing products, such as the BOSS Correcting Cream, which smooths out the surface of your paint, increases its reflective properties, and sets the stage for a magnificent shine. Its rich, high-lubricity formulation allows for extended buffing cycles that won’t dust out so you can produce a pristine, wax-ready finish with easy wipe-off and without leaving pesky dust residue.

If you're looking for the best of the best when it comes to paint correction, wax, and polish, look no further than Griot's Garage!


Griot's Garage has a huge lineup of buffers and pads for all of your waxing and polishing needs! If you're more into hand polishing, head for the huge selection of handheld polishing pads, or if your looking to go mechanical, opt for an orbital buffer!

The main advantage of this long-throw machine is pad rotation. A pad that rotates in a larger orbit does more work per pass, your liquids are more effective, and you get results that surpass expectation. THE BOSS is the most innovative orbital ever. Griot's Garage is the first to integrate a fully variable trigger that allows the user to throttle the tool from a dead stop to the maximum dial setting incrementally throughout the sweep of the trigger. This acutely focuses the control you have over the tool and your ability to create a truly flawless finish.

This tool is built right using the best of the best.


Carrying cases, foam sprayers, multi-pattern nozzles, floor paint, and much more, Griot's has tons of additional accessories to meet all of your detailing desires!

Griot's microfiber dusters and cleaning cloths are perfect for keeping your garage-queen spotless, or for just getting a quick touch-up in before taking the car for a drive!

Griot's Garage nozzles and dispensers allow you to vary water flow between a light mist and full jet stream while also adjusting soap-flow for an effortless car-wash experience! Click below to explore all of the various detailing accessories UroTuning offers from Griot's Garage!


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