Haldex Traction is a product of Swedish company HaldexAB, now owned by BorgWarner, that has specialised in manufacturing all-wheel drive systems derived from front-wheel drive setups for many years now. Haldex 4WD typically takes a front-wheel drive platform, such as the VW Golf, Audi A3, or Mercedes-Benz A Class, and converts the FWD system into all-wheel drive, normally through the use of electronic sensors and differentials to redirect power to the rear wheels.

Haldex does provide several benefits in its use, particularly for manufacturers who don’t have unlimited development budgets. As Haldex is an outside company, offering a product to be sold and equipped to vehicles, manufacturers don’t have to spend millions of Rands/Dollars/Euros researching and developing all-wheel drive systems. Haldex systems can also be equipped to almost any front-wheel drive vehicle, and as such are popular with many manufacturers as FWD is the standard drive system for many a company. Haldex also provides greater fuel efficiency as it drives only 2 wheels for a large percentage of the vehicle’s use, only resorting to 4WD when circumstances require additional traction.



The Haldex Remote is suitable for cars with the Haldex Performance Control Unit Gen2 or Gen 4.

The Remote lets you change between 3 pre-set tuning modes with the remote switch.

The Remote has a memory function that always keeps the last selected tuning until next time a button is pushed on the remote switch.

The Remote has a beep sound which confirms that the signal from the remote switch was received. The beep signal can be muted if desired.

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