JH Motorsports is a leader in performance inovaition and product development for Volkswagen and Audi vehicles. Specializing in all performance aspects of a build, JH Motorsports has engineered full turbo kits, engine accesories, supporting modifications like cam adjusters, tuning software, clutch kits, big brake kits and so much more. Checkout the wide selection of offerings from JH Motorsports!

JH Motorsports Turbo Kits

If you're looking to upgrade your existing stock turbo setup or blow the doors off, JH Motorsports has a solution for you. UroTuning offers a full line of replacement turbos and full bolt on kits to maximize your vehicles perfromance with everything needed to acheive as low as 9 second 1/4 Mile runs! All hardware is included in most of the big turbo kits and turbo upgrade kits, just pair a supporting software and required add-ons and you are on your way to the moon! Not looking for something to break your neck? That's fine too! JH Motorsport has beautifuly engineered replacement and upgraded stock turbo set ups to get peak performance and reliability.

JH Motorsports Tunes

With all of the supporting modifications from JH Motorsports such as Turbo's, exhaust, clutches and more, tuning is an essential keystone to any build. Luckily, JH Motorsports has you covered in this department also! JH Motorsports has developed software that is compatible with their turbo upgrades and kit solutions for your vehicle. Take the guesswork out of an engine tune for your setup. JH Motorsports tunes can be installed without removing the ECU and flashed through your vehicles diagnositc port with the optional tuning cable. Each of these tunes are specifically tailored to your bolt-on upgrades, exhaust, and fuel source for your vehicle.

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