Established in 2012, Klutch is a relatively new company in the wheel game! Klutch has managed to cultivate a huge following due to their ability to offer old-school inspired designs that have been modernized to appeal to a wide range of wheel tastes and enthusiast styles.

Klutch prides themselves on offering the lightest, strongest, and most customizable wheels in the aftermarket cast industry, making them a recognized and admired brand worldwide.

From Step Lip to Concave wheel designs, Klutch customizes wheels to fit your desired look – whether that’s with a custom offset, bolt pattern or unique finish that perfectly complements your vehicle.


Lovers of big, beautiful wheels rejoice. The all-new SLC2 is here, and it has all the makings of an instant classic. For their latest creation, the Klutch design team opted for a traditional six-spoke style while at the same time adding unique lip apertures for a bit of Klutch flair.

The SLC2 features a convex six-spoke face with a polished recessed lip that gives this wheel depth, as well as accenting the aggressive dimensions of the wheel itself. Bearing the Klutch name on one of the spokes, the SLC2 is a perfect combination of performance inspired design cues and the classic six-spoke look you know and love!


The SL1 is the Klutch take on a classic mesh wheel design. Featuring an alternating grid-style mesh, simplistic center, and a deep concave with a polished lip, these wheels look great on classic GTI's, E30's and pretty much any other car you can think of!

If you're looking for a classic vintage-inspired mesh wheel, the Klutch SL1 is the wheel for you!



Another Klutch spin on a classic wheel design, the SL5 features a tried and true five-spoke pattern with a stepped polished lip for a wide, concave look that fits the look of just about any vehicle!

If you've been looking for the perfect five-spoke deep dish style wheel for your ride, the Klutch SL5 is the perfect wheel design for you!



The KM16 from Klutch is definitely one of their most interesting and unique designs. The full-face construction harkens back to rally-spec wheel designs, but the center star pattern adds a modernized and street-ready flair to the face of the wheel.

If you're looking for a unique wheel for your build that is sure to turn some heads at the next meet, the KM16 from Klutch may be the wheel for you! Not to mention it's available in a wide range of bright colors like red and blue!



Another mesh design from Klutch SLC1 utilizes a modernized mesh pattern and convex face that makes for a stylish wheel that is both classic and modern in its approach, a theme in most Klutch wheel options!

Similar to the SLC2, the SLC1 has a polished lip that is recessed from the face of the wheel, adding depth and dimension to the overall look of the wheel itself. Perfect for a stance build or a more performance based aesthetic, the SLC1 tiptoes the line between motorsport and daily stance-car perfectly!



The new SL2 is here, and it’s ‘BIG’ news for drivers of the sports hatch or mid-size sedan. Designing a wheel for the compact market that would appear bigger on the car was no mean feat, but the Klutch design team pulled it off with this striking circular style.

Such bold design that features those huge open spaces and aggressive offsets makes this relatively small wheel the focal point of any car. Featuring beveled dual spoke circles and a polished stepped lip, this wheel is no doubt a head-turner!

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