The #1 source for custom integrated multi-function gauges! Connect with your car in an entirely new way! Why settle for just a boost gauge? UroTuning offers the entire P3 Gauges lineup with Free Shipping and the lowest price on all things P3.


P3 Gauges offers the V3 OBD2 Gauge, a Multifunction gauge, that gives you the all information you need and more while maintaining a simple and clean OEM look. Starting at a price competitive to single feature old-school needle gauges, they offer unmatched feature to price ratio. All P3 V3 OBD2 Gauges include an on-the-fly configuration menu for setting units (BAR/PSI, Farenheit/Celsius MPH/KPH), Shift light, analog boost sensor calibration and more.


The P3 Analog Gauge: a sleek monitoring solution that seamlessly integrates into your vehicle's interior. Hard-wired for power and ground with 2 additional analog inputs, it provides expanded information display without relying on the OBD2 port. Say goodbye to bulky pods and squinting at tiny screens - the P3 Analog Gauge offers bold, bright displays for easy information access.

Custom Integrated Multi-Function Digital Gauges

P3 Gauges builds custom-integrated gauges that are tailored to blend into the interior of your vehicle. Rather than build a generic “one size fits all” gauge, they have taken it a step further and created a vehicle-specific design approach that results in an OEM look and feel. Their vision is to change the face of automotive aftermarket gauges, one vehicle at a time, by offering an option that doesn’t look aftermarket.

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