Racing Dynamics was founded in the 1980's as a company solely developing performance parts for BMW's. Since then, Racing Dynamics has grown to be a worldwide name, developing high performance parts and accessories for BMW, Porsche, and Mini vehicles!

Painstaking attention to detail is what sets Racing Dynamics apart from the competition in their pursuit of creating the perfect sway bars, strut braces, exhausts, downpipes, and more for your vehicle!


Each Racing Dynamics Strut brace was designed and tested by professional race car engineers for ultimate chassis stiffness and ease of installation.

Racing Dynamics strut braces are created using a proprietary extrusion process with a custom internal design for increased stiffness. This process allows bending of the alloy bar without crimping at the bends and without the need to cut and weld multiple pieces, which can create weak points in the brace.

Strut brace end plates are precisely machined to your vehicles exact specifications. Tighten up your handling with a Racing Dynamics strut brace!


Racing Dynamics 3" cat-less downpipes are made from high quality 304 stainless steel with a brushed or polished finish. These high flow downpipe and mid-pipe options replace the heavy and restrictive OEM catalytic converters for maximum flow, power, and sound.

Racing Dynamics downpipes and mid-pipes reduce turbo lag and can offer power gains of 20-25 horsepower! With O2 sensor mounts allowing normal operation of the ECU, Racing Dynamics downpipes are ideal for any turbo build!


Racing Dynamics offers a wide range of aftermarket performance air intake options. From cone filters, dual intakes, to full carbon fiber molded options, they are sure to have the perfect intake system for your next build.

Racing Dynamic's intake systems replace the factory air handling systems and increases airflow streams into the engine, yielding higher combustion and more power. Each kit includes a high efficiency high flow filter capable of filtering out unwanted airborne particles.


Looking to give your engine bay a facelift and shed some weight at the same time? Racing Dynamics manufactures beautiful full carbon engine covers for a wide range of models.

These covers are produced by the "dry carbon" process which impregnates the resin within carbon cloth for strength and efficiency, minimizing excess resin and making for a stronger and lighter part with a better finish. The cover material is cut and placed in a mold inside an autoclave and treated with high pressure and heat, eliminating surface irregularities and bubbles.


Racing Dynamics cat-back exhausts are vehicle specific race-engineered exhausts that feature special internal construction for improved performance and sound. With engraved logos on dual polished exhaust tips, these cat-back options look as great as they sound.

Explore cat-back exhaust options from Racing Dynamics for your BMW today!

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