Silver’s was started back in 1999 by a racer tired of the lack of quality suspension on the market. Since then Silver’s has grown into a global manufacturer focused on top quality performance suspension with a very affordable price. They understand your dollars are hard-earned, so they have set out to get you the best performance for your dollar.




Adjustable camber plates made from T6 6061 Aluminum and are protected by an anodized finish. They come standard on the front of any McPherson-style strut application and are designed to offer up to 3 degree's of camber adjustment at any ride height so you can dial in your alignment.


The pillowball mounts are comprised of two main parts: An SJ2 Steel bearing, and a Chromoly Steel 2 piece case. Pillowball mounts provide bind free operation and precise feedback to the driver.


Silver's Coilovers are fully height adjustable via the lower mount with no need to change preload and sacrifice shock stroke. Simply loosening the lower locking ring and rotating the entire coilover you will be able to easily fine tune your ride height or weight distribution for corner balancing on track applications.


Their steel lower mounts are engineered extensively for strength with key area's reinforced. They are designed with all of the features of the OEM system to be sure every brake line and ABS sensor harness is securely mounted. This keeps installation simple and straightforward.


T 6061 Aluminum lower mounts are used on multi-link suspension setups. These are CAD designed to ensure OEM fitment and are lighter than steel components which also help reduce un-sprung weight.


The shock bodies are made from ultra high strength JIS G3445-STKM13C(DIN2393-ST4402) carbon steel and are eloctroless nickel plated for resistence to corrosion and fatigue in harsh climates.


44mm Linear type pistons with Digressive valving are used in their shocks. This hybrid style gives both excellent track benefits as well as maintains an excellent ride quality. Every shock is hand assembled, and dyno tested to insure dempening and copression valving is within 5% variation from side to side. There is no random inspection or tests, every single shock is dyno tested. In the event the shock fails, the internals are discarded and it goes back to the assembly room.


They use the largest diameter necessary hardened steel with chrome plating for their piston shafts. With extensive research and development, they have the perfect material and diameter needed to have the proper strength necessary to retain lateral rigidty and not bend or bind under heavy loads, which leads to pre-mature wear and lowering piston travel. This makes it the perfect combination of strength and weight savings.


Silver's locking collars have a specific unique design compared to the other brands on the market. They perform the same as any other locking collar, though with the lower spring perach having dimples instead of slots, you do not have to worry about the top spanner wrench slipping and sliding up or down the perch when making necessary adjustments. This makes adjusting the preload much less of a balancing act, leading to quicker and easier installation.


The UroTuning Edition Coilover kit from Silver's Suspension!

Not only are they designed for lower ride height, they are UroTuning spec'd with regards to ride height, spring rate & shock valving. Made specifically for the UroTuning mentality. So much so that they were designed, tested, and proven on our own shop and employee cars!

Perfect for your daily driver on the street or for your show car, where wanting lower than average ride height is main priority.

These Kits come Default as Super Low

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