The Status Gruppe INC. was started because of a realization, a realization that the aftermarket parts industry was missing something. Status Gruppe has filled that void. Status Gruppe believes in amazing quality parts at affordable prices. Status Gruppe specializes in developing parts that people want and at the prices they want to pay.

The Status Gruppe INC was started in 2012. In total they have over 30 years of Aftermarket Automotive parts industry experience. Status Gruppe works with some of the best Manufacturers in the world to create the best products. The Status Gruppe, Inc is located in Harbor City, California, USA.



Status Gruppe has cultivated an impressive spread of performance engine upgrades such as exhaust, charge pipes and even Carbon Fiber engine trims to complete the high performance look. All of their exhaust systems have been tested to provide the most performance benefit for your vehicle. Exhaust systems also are built to utilize factory hardware and sensors.



Status Gruppe has a philosophy with factory panels for BMW's. They do not match the aggressive characteristics that they posses and they are way too heavy! Their answer? Aggressive and lightweight replacement parts including trunk lids, roof skins, front and rear lip spoilers, and so much more.



Suspension is commonly one of the first performance modifications done to a car. Status Gruppe has kept it in the family with their other products! UroTuning offers a wide range of suspension solutions from Status Gruppe to include springs, coilover systems, end-links and more.

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