SuperPro has been manufacturing, designing, and developing polyurethane parts as well as a range of other performance suspension parts for over 30 years! Performance drivers and racers have long searched for durable suspension parts that last longer than a few hard days at the track.

SuperPro answered that call by utilizing three decades of engineering experience to create suspension solutions to suit a growing global performance market. SuperPro is on the forefront of suspension and polyurethane innovation, and whether you're looking for end links, sway bars, or bushings, they have you covered!


Inevitably, old dried out bushings begin to crack causing suspension noise and steering vibrations to increase. This drastically affects overall drivability of your vehicle and leads to premature tire wear caused by misalignment, as well as stress on other suspension components. Upgrading to performance Polyurethane bushings refreshes steering feel with better suspension performance while providing a longer life over rubber bushings.

SuperPro bushing products are engineered using a proprietary high grade polyurethane formula with unique properties. SuperPro Polyurethane is a special elastomer based material which gives an extremely durable suspension product boasting the best characteristics of both rubber and plastic.


SuperPro lower control arms are lightweight, performance-oriented replacements for your stock control arms. The new SuperPro lower control arm kit features a centered DuroBall kit and a new arm shape that provides significant clearance for easy bolt-on fitment across the MK7, MK7.5 and 8V A3/S3/RS3 range.

Adding ~1.0° of positive caster and ~-0.5° of negative camber with a conventional SuperPro bushing in the forward position and their DuroBall assembly in the rear position the ALOY0018K Control Arm Kit brings precise handling, improved grip, enhanced steering feel and feedback in a transformative bolt-on upgrade.


Heavy Duty adjustable front sway bar end links by SuperPro make a great addition to any performance enthusiasts vehicle. Featuring blue anodized aluminum bodies and squeak-free, adjustable heavy duty high articulation ball joint ends, these end links are a huge step up from OEM options.

These end links are designed to work with all front sway bars OEM or aftermarket. These end-links allow you to easily adjust front Sway Bar Preload - essential when corner balancing lowered vehicles for improved sway bar reaction time & accuracy.


SuperPro hollow sway bars are up to 30% lighter than traditional sway bar offerings and are made from race-spec chromoloy. This makes for a sway bar that is lighter and stiffer than the competition, increasing cornering ability, driving feel, and overall agility of your vehicle.

Better handling and less body roll also increases the life of tires and other suspension components, making the SuperPro sway bar kit a no-brainer for any car enthusiast!

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