Tire Stickers is the way to customize the tires on your vehicle for that extra touch. No more boring, plain black tires! Personalize your ride with custom raised rubber tire lettering on your tires using genuine licensed designs by Tire Stickers. Ultra high quality raised rubber, Tire Stickers tire letters are engineered to withstand the most demanding environmental conditions and temperatures. These are offered in permanent and temporary configurations for your application.


The Permanent Stickers kits provides durable bond and quality appearance lasting the lifetime of the tire, perfect for daily drivers! These kits are available with a ton of different manufacturers and designs. Each Raised Rubber Letter Kit includes a specially designed tire adhesive, Tire Stickers Rubber Cleaner, and instructions for application, maintenance and removal.

Tire Stickers has developed strong relationships with nearly every major tire manufacturer including Dunlop, Falken, Toyo, Continental, GoodYear, Michelin and more. Tire Stickers officially offers licensed tire brand name designs!


Want a Tire Sticker solution a bit more flexible and seasonal? No problem! UroTuning also has the temporary Tire Stickers available. Ideal for quick and easy application with durability to withstand extreme driving conditions. The temporary Tire Stickers are ideal for car shows, races and photo shoots lasting for a 1-2 week period. This tire letter kit is a quick, customizable, and affordable improvement over tire paint or tire pen products that discolor over time