Hawk Blue Pads - Rear (NLA)

Part# HB550E-634-R

Hawk Performance understands that brake pads are critical components that directly affect vehicle handling, safety and driver confidence. Thats why Hawk products are engineered to meet and exceed the braking demands of todays severe-duty & high performance vehicle applications. Each Hawk Performance brand product incorporates advanced engineering design, world-class friction technology and premium-quality raw materials. Recommended for use with HT 10 when split friction between front and rear axle is desired. Hawk Blue 9012 Compound. Why we dig Hawk Blue Medium/High torque and temperature compound with excellent brake modulation. Number 1 selling brake pad material for SCCA. Good choice for sports car/GT racing and Rally applications needing medium initial bite and effectiveness. Good general purpose pad for vehicles requiring stock brake calipers. These pads are for front brakes only. Please note, HAWK Performance Pad and Rotor fitments may vary with vehicle trim levels and options. Please use this Hawk Performance Catalog to ensure correct fitment for your vehicle.

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