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The best wash mitt for safely cleaning wheels and getting the most from your wheel cleaning products, the Plush Wheel Mitt has been developed by professional detailers as the ultimate wheel washing accessory.

Designed to give your wheel cleaner the best access to every part of your wheel - including the most typical hard-to-reach areas such as behind spokes and other awkward recessed dirt traps - the Plush Wheel Mitt is constructed from a range of fluffy microfibre strands which vary in length and glide freely over painted, polished and powdercoated wheels without the risk of contamination being dragged across these relatively sensitive surfaces. The specially engineered split-microfibre pile has a huge effective surface area developed with the dual purpose of agitating wheel cleaners for maximum contact and cleaning power, and for lifting away harmful grit and grime, locking sharp particles deep within the material and away from the surface of the wheel “ the best way to prevent scratching, swirling and marring during the wash stage.

Suitable for safely cleaning all car alloy wheels - and a must for safeguarding those with the most sensitive finishes - the Plush Wheel Mitt has been specifically designed for maximum practicality and control. This dedicated wheel mitt incorporates internal finger compartments for maximum grip, along with a wide, cuff-less opening for easy access, even when wearing protective gloves.

Essential for maximising the effectiveness of your wheel cleaning products, using this ultra-durable synthetic mitt ensures the most effective agitation of any wheel cleaner. Rather than physically scrubbing away grime, agitation with suitable wash media is essential to ensure your cleaner makes contact with every area around the wheel, especially those with the heaviest concentration of contamination. Its also crucial to refresh your wheel cleaning solution on any trapped grime and areas with the heaviest soiling. This process effectively moves away any spent cleaner “ solution which has already pulled contaminants from the surface and encapsulated it in the product “ and replaces it with fresh solution to get to work on any remaining contamination. Using a dedicated mitt (along with a separate Detailing Bucket) solely for the wheel cleaning process is also the professional way to safeguard not just your wheel finish, but your paintwork, too. Wheels are often the dirtiest part of any vehicle and suffer from the heaviest concentration of harmful contaminants including heavy particulates such as sharp, ferrous metal particles derived from brake dust. Keeping a Plush Wheel Mitt specifically for these areas is the most effective way to prevent cross contamination of cleaning solutions and eliminate the risk of these scratchable particles being transferred to other vehicle areas during the contact wash stage. For more on the science of cleaning alloy wheels, and a step-by-step guide on the most effective way to clean and protect yours from start to finish, see our article The Detailers Guide To Cleaning Alloy Wheels.

The Plush Wheel Mitt is the ideal companion for our range of Wheel Cleaning Products which includes Revolution Wheel Soap, Imperial Wheel Cleaner and Reactive Wheel Cleaner. This product can also be used in conjunction with Iron Out Contaminant Remover for periodic deep-cleaning, decontamination and chemical removal of embedded brake dust.

Care Instructions:

Machine washable at 30° degrees

Do not use Fabric softener.

Do not tumble dry.

Hang to dry.

⚠️CALIFORNIA WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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