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034Motorsport is proud to offer Stage 2 TCU Software for B9 Audi S4, S5, or SQ5 models equipped with the AL552 8-Speed ZF8 transmission!

Flashed directly through your vehicle’s OBD-II port, 034Motorsport’s proprietary Stage 2 calibrations for the AL552 TCU safely and effectively optimize its operation for Stage 1 and Stage 2 Performance ECU Software. The result is a noticeable improvement in acceleration, without sacrificing comfort or reliability.

034Motorsport's AL552 Performance Software was developed entirely in-house on 034Motorsport's Development B9 Audi S4 & SQ5.

034Motorsport B9 Audi S4/S5/SQ5 AL552 ZF8 Stage Descriptions:


034Motorsport Stage 1 Transmission Performance Tuning Software for the AL552 is included in the Dynamic+ Tuning Bundle with our Stage 1 & Stage 2 ECU software.

The Dynamic+ ECU Tuning accurately reports torque values to the TCU to ensure that all safety systems are intact in both control units, and the added torque from tuning is properly adjusted for when driving/shifting, including all safety systems designed to protect the engine and transmission. This results in better shift quality as the transmission is not having to reduce engine torque or having to adapt to misreported inputs.


The 034Motorsport Stage 2 Transmission Performance Tuning Software for the Al552 is designed to further improve the drivability and performance of your Dynamic+ Tuned Audi B9 S4, S5, or SQ5. Dynamic+ Stage 2 TCU Software can be used with our Stage 1 OR Stage 2 ECU software.

034Motorsport Stage 2 TCU Tuning further improves shifting performance and speed for casual and track driving in all driving modes. Dynamic+ Tuning also activates AMAX shifting in more gears to ensure the quickest and most efficient shifting strategies while launching your vehicle. Kickdown in Manual Mode is also removed.


Optimized Shift Points

  • In order to take advantage of the increased powerband from the turbocharger, Dynamic+ Tuning optimizes the shift points in Sport Mode to maximize acceleration while retaining smooth drivability.

  • When purchasing the Stage 2 TCU Tune, you will be offered specific calibrations for either E85/Race Gas and for 91/93 Octane (Pump Gas) when flashing! Both TCU calibrations are included free of charge. Each specific TCU variant sets shift points to correspond to the optimal RPM for the powerband that your car now has from your upgraded ECU tune.
Kickdown Switch Disabled in Manual Mode

  • When in Manual mode, you no longer need to worry about accidentally pushing through the kickdown switch on the throttle pedal!
Improved Shift Speeds

  • To further enhance the acceleration of your Audi, the ZF8 shift times are dramatically decreased in all driving modes, which ultimately results in quicker acceleration.

  • Shift pressures are also increased in Sport Mode to maximize performance. In Sport Mode, you will notice less lazy shifts, more firm shifts, which ultimately results in quicker acceleration.
AMAX Shifting

  • AMAX Shifting is a shifting strategy that stands for “Acceleration Maximum.” These gear shifts are the fastest and quickest possible for optimal acceleration . These are activated in shifting after launching your vehicle from a stop using launch control.

  • AMAX shift points are now optimized for specific RPM setpoints for Pump Gas ECU tunes, and Race Gas/Ethanol ECU tunes. Select the specific TCU file to match your current octane when flashing your TCU!

  • The S4/S5 has AMAX now activated in the 4>5 and 5>6 shifts where it was previously disabled from the factory.

  • The SQ5 now has AMAX activated in all shifts from 1st through 6th where it was previously disabled from the factory.

Improved Torque Management

  • As with any automatic transmission vehicle, the ECU and TCU computers work synchronously to properly apply torque to the vehicle's drivetrain in a safe and reliable manner. Within both the ECU and TCU, there are factory safety tables that limit overall torque output based upon what the factory first tuned the car for. The ECU reports the output of torque from the engine to the TCU, and the TCU decides if this is suitable, or too much. If it is too much, the TCU will command the ECU to reduce torque output based upon its safety tables.

  • 034Motorsport takes a holistic approach with its Dynamic+ Tuning and aims to retain as many OEM safety protocols as possible. While it is possible to tune around the factory TCU torque limiters from the ECU side, this is done at the expense of torque safety features that are integral in keeping your transmission running safely. 034Motorsport’s calibrators tune the ECU to work with the TCU to provide accurate torque values and recalibrate the appropriate safety ranges for the TCU. Taking these extra steps to retain OEM safety systems on the ECU and TCU side is just one of the many reasons that Dynamic+ software provides substantial yet reliable performance increases.


Maximum Shift RPM 6000-6300 6000-6300 6500 in Manual Mode
Torque Reporting from ECU Yes Yes Yes
Torque Limits Stock Recalibrated for Higher ECU Output Recalibrated for Higher ECU Output
Shift Speed Suitable Suitable Fastest
Shift Points Slower Acceleration Slower Acceleration Fastest Possible Acceleration
AMAX Launch Optimization Enabled on Shifts Through 4th in S4/S5. Disabled on SQ5 Enabled on Shifts Through 4th in S4/S5. Disabled on SQ5 Enabled Through Shifts to 6th Gear in S4/S5/SQ5

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