GIAC B8.5 Audi S4 & S5 3.0T TSi Dual Pulley Software


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The B8.5 dual pulley software shows a minimum gain of 10 to 15 wheel horsepower and torque over a GIAC stage 2, and is capable of reaching a quarter mile track speed up to 122 to 123mph on well setup cars.

The requirements to run the GIAC dual pulley file are:
- Up to 183mm Crank Pulley (harmonically balanced is recommended for better theoretical mainshaft bearing reliability)
- Max ratio of 3.199
- AWE (57.55mm) or Forge/Emmanuele (57.20mm) Supercharger Pulley
- Charge Cooler Upgrades (IATS need to stay below 70 degrees celsius, 50C ideally)
- Intake
- GIAC Fuel Pump Kit (for E30 useage Race Mode)
- Exhaust (highly recommended)

A GIAC DSG flash is also highly recommended for more power in first and second gear (no torque reduction) and higher shift points to get the higher peak Horsepower near 7000 RPM.

Here are the ECU part numbers we currently support with the dual pulley files:
- 8K0907551A
- 8K0907551B
- 8K0907551D
- 8K5907551C
- 8K5907551E
- 8K5907551F
- 8K5907551G




1. GIAC has the most experience of any US tuner reprogramming Bosch Motronic. GIAC reprograms Audi/VW/Porsche/BMW/Mercedes/Fiat/Citroen destined for both US and German markets.

2. GIAC only writes ECU software and does not lose R&D time on developing exhausts, suspension, turbo kits, air filters, etc.

3. GIAC takes a base program from a new ECU (starting in their computer lab, using five dedicated networked computers) and completely disassembles out important functions using extremely complex engineering software. This is the same software used for the development of these ECUs by the manufacturer. When needed, GIAC emulates in real time with a professional engineering emulator, which allows 6 bit triggering and the ability to capture virtually any event while they run an ECU on a workbench.

4. GIAC then takes that source code and loads it into GIAC proprietary software "SHW version 8.02", where they can correctly modify any settings in the ECU. This makes GIAC different because they do not use commercial chip modifying software which can radically limit the tuning freedom needed to make a factory quality program. With a factory quality product, you will get silky smooth performance with stable power. GIAC can rewrite the code in SHW to modify anything.

5. GIAC designs and engineers in house all of their own printed circuit boards for encryption using advanced CAD software. They also write all of their own programs for encryption. This allows GIAC to get product to market much faster for a large variety of cars. It also protects GIAC software from increasingly common piracy found in the industry today. GIAC encrypts all of their chips to protect the cutting edge programming techniques they use.

6. GIAC's close ties with Bosch Gmbh ensures that their chips are state of the art.

Why consider anything else?

Please visit the GIAC homepage for even further information on GIAC and their state of the art technology. Their recent success in getting the legendary Porsche 959 to pass Federal emissions standards qualifies them as the industry leader.

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