Metal Ultimate Plus Thermostat Housing Kit | Mk3 VR6


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Part# Metal-ULT-Thermo-Kit-Mk3-VR6-1

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This is the most bullet proof thermostat housing kit you will find for the Mk3 VR6 AAA engine!

The kit is built around the upgraded all aluminum thermostat housing matched up with an aluminum cover. In addition to that the kit comes with an upgraded Stainless Steel water pipe, aka "crack" pipe from 42 Draft Design. These parts eliminate all plastic components from the thermostat housing group of parts!

Kit includes all the gaskets needed when replacing your housing. Also includes new hardware to replace your old rusty stripped out hardware.
KIT Includes:
  • Aluminum Thermostat Housing with cover
  • Stainless Steel Water "Crack" Pipe - 42 Draft Design
  • Coolant Hose (Oil Cooler to Water Pipe)
  • Thermostat (70C or 80C) w/Gasket
  • (3) Coolant sensors with O-Rings and Clips
  • Hardware and O-Ring kit
  • ** Optionally add a Gallon or 2 of Coolant

**NOTE: The housings are individually machined and cleaned of burrs and sharp metal edges from casting process. The newest batch came in as pictured! For a nicer looking part we recommend having it painted. Your flange may differ slightly from the photos shown.

FITS: All 12v VR6 from 1992-1999

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