Rotiform TMB-M Custom Forged Wheel

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The Rotiform TMB-M

Take a look at this Rotiform Wheel and imagine them slowly spinning as you pull up to park your car. Immediately you will set yourself apart from everything else out there! Rolling on a completely custom set of Rotiform Wheels is more than just wheels for your car, it’s a total transformation of your car from just basic to breaking necks left and right!

Why Rotiform?

Since 2009, Rotiform Wheels has grown to be the leading brand for cutting edge fresh new designs. With a nod toward retro European styling blended with cutting-edge profiles and new construction techniques, Rotiform wheels push the limits of modern car modification.

Quality Engineered

Rotiform custom forged wheels are designed, engineered and manufactured entirely in the United States of America. Using only the finest 6061, t6 aluminum forgings. Rotiform wheels are built specifically for your vehicle and engineered to the highest standards. All Rotiform custom rims are engineered for style, durability, and performance.

Perfect Fitment

Rotiform wheels are available in diameters ranging from 14" to 24", and widths from 6" all the way up to 16"! With all these options in sizes and designs it allows us to configure a wheel to fit any look and of course the perfect fitment! 3-Piece Forged, Forged Monoblock and Forged 2-piece are available in any configuration and finish.

Center Profiles

Flat - Flat profile wheels have a flat face overall. The spokes of the wheel is completely flat and does not protrude inwards at the center hub. Flat wheels can still have a lip around the wheel that protrudes outwards, however, the spokes of the wheel will not.

Concave - The face of a concave wheel is designed to have depth, and be three-dimensional. The spokes of the wheel begin towards the centerline of the wheel at the hub. As the spokes move to the end of the barrel, they protrude outwards, towards the edge of the outer barrel. This creates a muscular and aggressive three-dimensional look with the appearance of depth.

Deep Concave - Deep concave wheels have an even more exaggerated look as the center of the wheel is much deeper around the hub. If you put the wheel face up and flat on the ground, the cosmetic face of the wheel would form a deep bowl shape. Most concave wheels will have a very shallow dish or even no dish at all, in order to maximize this curvature.

Finishes & Colors

All Rotiform forged wheels are available in almost any finish and color you can imagine. Please inquire using the form below with any special requests.

Here to Help

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NOTE: Wheel shown in picture is not representative of all configurations. Vehicle specific fitment will change offset, dish and center profile. Please consult with one of our Rotiform wheel experts for specific details.

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