Vaico AdBlue DEF Fluid (10L) - VW/Audi / Porsche / BMW / Mercedes | G052910A2-VAI

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Part# G052910A2-VAI

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Our VAICO products are made by high-quality materials and undergo strict quality tests. They are, thereby, the perfect alternative to the original part.

PRODUCT NOTE: Under ideal conditions Vaico DEF fluid can last up to 36months if stored at 50°F ambient temp.

VAICO-AdBlue meets ISO 22241 / DIN 70070 / AUS32 NOTE: Date code format DD MM YY 

AdBlue is an high purity 32,5% urea solution. It is directly injected into the exhaust gas where it serves as reducing agent. Thereby, ammonia is released that subsequently reacts with the nitric oxides on the catalyst to elementary nitrogen and water. Both, atmospheric nitrogen and water are natural constituents of the air we breathe. Hence, the amount of nitric oxides in the emission can be reduced by 85%.

In combination with the SCR-technology, AdBlue by BASF optimizes sooty particle emission and fuel consumption. Hence, the amount of sooty particles in the exhaust gas can be reduced by 40%.Furthermore, AdBlue by BASF reduces the fuel consumption by 5% - without affecting the engine output. Diesel engines equipped with SCR using DEF not only meet the 2010 tailpipe standard, but they also deliver significant fuel economy.

Features and Benefits:

  • AdBlue by BASF meets all EURO 5 objectives
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Optimized engine output
  • Fuel saving: It is estimated that Euro 4 and Euro 5 vehicles equipped with SCR Technology obtain a fuel saving of approximately 5% (Euro 4) to increase to 7% (Euro 5).
  • Technology prepared for the future: SCR Technology not only fulfills the emission levels of Euro 4 and Euro 5 but also the ones of Euro 6.
  • Respects the environment
  • Cost savings: Possible cost savings as the SCR system improves engine efficiency.

    Part #'s

    G05-291-0A2 / G05 291 0A2 / G052910A2

    G05-291-0A4 / G05 291 0A4 / G052910A4

    004 989 04 20 12 / 004-989-04-20-12 / 004989042012

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