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Since the first make of the MINI was introduced in 1959, it has been a beloved car for rally enthusiasts, collectors, and everyday people who want a small car with a lot of space. Over 2 million MINIs were sold before the official launch of the company in 1969. Today, it still reigns as one of the most iconic vehicles humanity has ever invented.

Millions of MINIs meant that a huge market for MINI parts sprang up in the wake of the car's success. So how do you find the right parts for your Mini Cooper? Check out our 3 tips for finding the best MINI parts below.

1. Know Your MINI Well

Since the company's inception, 48 distinct production MINIs have come out. Though there may be slight variations between some models, there are also huge differences between others. You'll struggle if you try installing MINI Cooper S parts in a Countryman, for example.

Knowing what kinds of parts fit your MINI engine manifold and the frame is an important part of shopping for MINI cooper parts. Do research about your specific model and read the owner's manual to find out exactly what your MINI needs.

2. Buy Only Official MINI Parts

BMW certifies specific manufacturers before they are allowed to make official stock and aftermarket parts for the MINIs. This is to ensure that the parts fit international safety standards as well as adhere to the MINIs' designs. Also, when you're spending a ton of cash on performance parts, you want to make sure your source isn't ripping you off.

Quick Google searches on approved MINI parts (and aftermarket parts) as well as making sure you're buying from an accredited dealer are easy ways to ensure you buy safe and top-quality parts. You can also do further research if you're specifically looking for performance parts, as these need to be made from safe, high-quality materials.

3. Read Expert Reviews and Blogs

Some car enthusiasts like restoring classic cars to their original glory with original parts, while others like to upgrade their ride for peak performance. Whatever your fancy is, there's probably a professional (or crew of professionals) who creates detailed YouTube videos, internet publications, newsletters, and other media about the cars and parts you love.

Following a professional racer, mechanic, or any other type of knowledgeable influencer will give you access to their catalog of knowledge and ideas. If they reference or review a MINI Cooper part and publicize it, that gives you a springboard for your own research. You may also be inspired to try new things with your MINI.

Upgrade Your MINI Today

MINIs are iconic cars that comfortably suit the needs of racers, collectors, and people who simply love a comfortable drive. To get the best MINI experience, however, you need to source the best OEM MINI Cooper parts when you work on your car.

Making sure you get the right parts from an accredited dealer is the best way to ensure compatibility, quality, and safety. Following other MINI enthusiasts online is also a great way to get a broader picture of the aftermarket part scene.

If you're looking for deals on approved MINI parts, check out our deals page. We stock thousands of MINI Cooper parts for a seriously broad variety of MINI Coopers.


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