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Are you having problems with your Volkswagen? Hopefully, all you need is a quick tune-up. However, there are a lot of issues that indicate the need for new car parts.

Below is a guide to help you recognize these signs before it's too late. Specifically, you'll learn how to tell if you need to replace your spark plugs, brake rotors, suspension system, ignition coil, or alternator.

Mind you, this is not a complete list. If your particular problem isn't found below, it's a good idea to take your VW into the shop to get it diagnosed. Either way, here are some common signs to watch out for that you need new VW parts.

1. Braking Problems

Hopefully, you're staying on top of regular vehicle maintenance, including brake maintenance. If you change your brake pads before they get low, it should keep your brake rotors in good condition for a long time.

Even so, rotors don't last forever. Here are some signs that your brake rotors need replacing:

  • Your car isn't stopping as fast as it used to
  • You hear grinding or squealing when you brake
  • Braking feels shaky or bumpy

If you notice these signs, have your brake rotors checked out. Your entire brake system can fail if you don't replace these when you need to, so don't procrastinate on this!

2. Suspension Problems

Here are some signs that your VW's suspension is shot:

  • Your tire tread wears down unevenly
  • You feel the front of your car pointing downward when you stop
  • Every trip feels bumpy or bouncy
  • Your car drifts when you turn

Failing suspension hinders your ability to control your vehicle. Don't wait to get your suspension replaced if you notice these signs.

3. Failing Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are one of the most commonly replaced car parts. Have yours checked if you notice:

  • Difficulty getting the car started
  • Engine misfiring
  • Rough idling
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Slow accelerating

These problems will get worse and your car will eat way too much gas if you don't replace your faulty spark plugs.

4. Faulty Ignition Coil

The ignition coil uses energy from your battery to ignite your spark plugs and start your car. As such, some of the signs of bad spark plugs may actually indicate a failing ignition coil.

For instance, misfires, difficulty starting, and reduced fuel economy are all signs of a bad ignition coil. In addition, your engine may start stalling too.

5. Failing Alternator

Your car's alternator powers the electrical components of your car and charges your battery while you drive. Thus, if your alternator fails, your battery does, too. 

Before this, however, you'll notice a loss of power in your car's electronic accessories. You'll also notice your headlights dimming.

If you notice these signs, take your car to the shop while it's still running. Otherwise, you'll have to call a tow truck once the car is dead and won't start up again.

Does Your VW Need New Car Parts?

If you've noticed any of these signs lately, you most likely need new car parts. Take your VW to a reliable European auto specialist to get the proper diagnosis so you can obtain the necessary replacement parts.

Speaking of which, you can browse our selection of parts by clicking the menu buttons at the top of this page. Or, for more information, contact us here.


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