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There's a lot of false information about tuning up a car that can confuse people. In fact, sometimes the best tuneup is to just look after your car's basic maintenance.

But neglecting basic maintenance while shooting for high-performance tuning isn't the only mistake people make. Read on to learn seven of the most common mistakes that people make with their car tuning.

Neglecting Braking Power

When people think about power in their cars, their first thoughts go to engine power. But engine power is just one way your car can change its speed as fast as possible.

Braking power is the other way that your car can abruptly change its speed, and it's too often neglected! Put as much time into your brakes as you od into your engine. This way, you'll enjoy maximum control over your car's performance.

Weakening Your Metal Panels

People often know what they want to do with their car and when an obstacle gets in their way, they just blast straight through it. Too often you'll find people drilling holes in their metal panels just to get a wire connected somewhere.

You should always have a plan from start to finish when adjusting your car. This is especially true since wires run through makeshift holes will be weakened by the car's vibrations and eventually create a fire hazard.

Moving the Battery

People sometimes take the battery out of the hood to make more room for other car components. However, batteries are complicated and dangerous devices. Your car battery may fill your car cabin with dangerous smoke.

Going Cheap On Tires

You never save money when you go cheap on tires. If it's between you and the ground, it's important that it be the highest performance parts you can afford.

Lowering the Car

People started lowering their cars to get a lower center of gravity and maximum control over the car. Then people started doing it just because they thought it looked cool. What many don't realize is that due to the principle of integrated engineering, it's important that you adjust your car's camber whenever you adjust its height.

Custom Steering Wheels

Custom steering wheels are one of the more visible adjustments you can make to a car. Find the right wheel and it can bring your car's whole look together.

At the same time, custom steering wheels often lack the safety features of the wheels that your car came installed with. Without airbags in your steering wheel, it will never be as safe while it applies torque.

Custom Seats

The same problem plagues those who replace their car's seats with custom made ones.

Many modern cars have airbags and other safety features built into the seats. By replacing them, you're making your car less safe to drive.

Use the Best Tips for Car Tuning

We hope that you learned something helpful in this brief overview of some of the common mistakes people make in car tuning.

To learn more about how to find the best products on the market and push your car's real performance to its limits, check out our other pages.


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