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The Volkswagen Golf GTI has been in production for 45 years and continues to set the standard in performance hatchbacks. Today, the GTI is still the top VW model that owners want to modify, but the Jetta is quickly adding its own collection of popular VW mods.

You can go flashy with stylish upgrades that turn heads, or you can go flamethrower and leave those turning heads in the rearview mirror. The choice is yours, but how do you choose? We're here to help with a rundown on some of the best Volkswagen performance parts available.

Upgrade Your Wheels

One of the easiest VW mods is upgrading the wheels. Rotiform wheels come in a variety of sizes up to 19 inches, and they fit both the Jetta and the GTI. You can choose from a few styles like a matte gunmetal finish or the high-shine of a silver machined finish.

For a vintage motorsport look, you can add the Rotiform Aerodisc wheel covers. They come with a gloss finish in black or white. Custom graphics can be added for your own personal touch.

Time for Turbo

There are plenty of turbochargers to choose from when considering VW mods. On your GTI MK7, you'll want the CTS Turbo MQB BOSS (Bolt-On Speed Solution) Turbo Kit, the world's first bolt-on solution.

The kit includes a Garrett GTX Turbocharger along with the CTS turbo exhaust housing, wastegate bracket, and all the couplers, adapters, and lines to complete your upgrade. The result is an impressive 400-600 horsepower range, depending on your setup.

Volkswagen Performance Parts for Your Exhaust

Upgrading your Volkswagen's exhaust is best done with any of the many AWE Tuning VW mods. The Touring Edition uses AWE Tuning's noise-canceling technology to filter out the unwanted noise, leaving only the perfect purr of your engine.

They also make a Resonated Track Edition that uses a resonating mid-section to amplify the sound for a more aggressive soundtrack.

Sport-Tune Your Suspension

AirLift makes an easy to install kit for the Jetta and GTI models. AirLift's Performance Series kit is the preferred system for handling, while the Slam Series kit gives you that slammed look without sacrificing ride quality.

The kits include options for front and rear suspensions, paddle valves, your choice of aluminum air tanks, compressor, gauges, lines, and all the fittings you'll need for installation.

Both come with manual or digital controls. Either way, you can dial down your suspension for the track, the back roads, or the boulevard with ease.

Stopping Power

You've upgraded your suspension, boosted your power, now you need control. StopTech and EBC both make brake kits to give you all the stopping power you'll need.

StopTech kits include drilled and slotted rotors, brake pads, lines, and STR-600 high-performance brake fluid. Most kits fit both the Jetta and the GTI.

EBC makes slotted and dimpled rotors used in kits that include performance brake pads with sensors where required, stainless steel lines, and high-performance brake fluid.

Time To Upgrade

Shop our website if you're ready to upgrade your ride with the finest Volkswagen performance parts on the market. You can also visit our blog for the latest information on the most popular VW mods available.


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