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Every now and then we like to take a few minutes to highlight some of our favorite brands with a brand spotlight, and this month the suspension brand Solowerks Suspension Systems is taking the limelight. At UroTuning, our motto has always been "By enthusiasts for enthusiasts" - we pride ourselves on relating to our customers in their passion for the automotive hobby because we ourselves are enthusiasts. Solowerks as a brand sticks out to us because they are another small, enthusiast owned brand that is creating high quality suspension components for your Volkswagen without breaking the bank!

For over a decade, the owners and staff of the Solowerks brand learned the industry working in the background of some of the most prolific suspension and performance companies across North America and Europe.

While working with these companies, Solowerks started creating suspension products for many suspension brands and companies while remaining out of the spotlight - until the spring of 2011 when everything changed for the better.

After witnessing firsthand what corporate America has done to many powerhouse players in the automotive aftermarket, Solowerks had to act - creating a brand that strayed away from the numbers games of corporate conglomerates, and focusing in on the simple love and passion of cars.


Solowerks is a brand focused on one thing: Passion for the Automobile. Solowerks is dedicated to keeping the true spirit of automotive passion alive by producing top of the line products for enthusiasts all over the world. Starting with the tried and true Street-focused S1 coilover line, Solowerks is branching out and creating suspension parts perfect for any build. Whether you're looking to lower your daily, or stiffen up your track-cars handling, Solowerks has you covered!


  • Heavy Gold Zinc Plated Housings for superb corrosion resistance
  • New Progressive elastomer bump stops
  • Black spring perches - double lock ring design
  • Platform Specific Spring Rates and Matched Valving
  • Over 2" in drop depending on model
  • 3 year Limited Warranty

Each Kit Contains:

  • 2x 55mm Front Threaded Coilover Dampers -Heavy Gold Zinc Plated with dual locking ring spring perches
  • 2x Front Spring (Progressive Rate)
  • 2x Rear Dampers
  • 2x Rear Adjustable Perches
  • 2x Rear springs (Progressive Rate)
  • Coilover Spanner Wrenches
  • Step by Step Installation Instructions
  • 1oz. Bottle Boeshield T-9 Lubricant/Protectant


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