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Born and currently living in Puerto Rico, Carlos Nieves (@Superb_MK7) drives a minty bagged MK7 that represents what being UroTuned is all about. Growing up in Puerto Rico, Nieves was exposed to a diverse car scene from an early age, with a ton of cars embracing a DIY style, fabricating parts if there weren't any available in the area. Carlos admired these cars he would see driving around Puerto Rico "slammed to the floor" and thus, a car enthusiast was born! This environment inspired Carlos to build a super clean MK7 with an extensive list of parts for both aesthetics as well as performance!

According to Carlos, a love for cars has always been a big part of his life. Making whatever he drives look better, go faster, and handle better while enjoying every bit of work along the way. It's never been easy or quick to build a car to the caliber of this "Superb" MK7, but good things come in time, and this time, the patience and effort really paid off.

Carlos looks at cars as a way of representing who you are, each car having as much personality and style as the person in the drivers seat. With his first car being a MK3 GTI, his love for Volkswagens (specifically GTI's) has some history, and we're super excited here at UroTuning to be able to supply everything Carlos needed to reach his goal of driving such an amazing MK7! Carlos says his favorite part of his MK7 is just owning it and being able to be proud when he drives it around PR.

Major mods on this Tornado Red GTI include a full Airlift Performance air suspension kit, IS38 Turbo Upgrade, Revo tune and a set of Rotiforms that compliment the simplicity of the MK7's body lines perfectly. There are a ton of other performance odds and ends to this build, but for the sake of simplicity we'll leave the full modification list below.

One of Nieves favorite parts to mod on his car are the wheels. For now he has settled on the Rotiform CVT in anthracite finish, but these are his third set of wheels so far on this car, and he doesn't plan on stopping any time soon. Sometimes your ride just needs a new pair of shoes!

While he undoubtedly loves his GTI to bits, Carlos says if he could own and drive any vehicle he would choose an Audi R8 V10 Plus, and we cant fault him on that, it's definitely an awesome choice. But it's hard to say if the R8 would have as much personality as Carlos' dream MK7 that he made into a reality. For those out there looking to modify their cars, Carlos says to work hard, always go for it, and opt for the best of the best if you can. Priorities and patience are important.

Thanks for reading this months UroTuning Customer Car feature, we hope you enjoyed learning a bit about Carlos Nieves MK7 as much as we did. Continue below for the full modification list as well as some more photos and make sure to follow @Superb_MK7 and @UroTuning on Instagram!

Modification List


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