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For over 70 years, air ride systems have faithfully served heavy-duty commercial trucks. High-quality systems have the durability and performance to withstand miles of abuse.

In the last few years, air suspensions have become more popular in the aftermarket car space. To achieve both impressive looks and performance, it's important to choose the right air suspension.

Consider one of these three air ride systems for your car:

AccuAir Sport Air Suspension Premier Kit

A pair of brothers founded AccuAir in 2001 with a commitment to investing in innovation and development. Their hard work eventually paid off, as they now produce some of the highest quality kits on the market.

Their product line is vehicle and performance specific, ensuring you get the ideal performance from your kit. Each kit comes with everything you need to be able to install and adjust your kit for optimal performance, with whatever size wheels and tires you choose.

You can add a second compressor for lightning-fast recovery too. Use the e-level controller to program in up to three preferred heights, then touch a button to set the height!

Air Lift Double Bellow Rear Kit

As one of the oldest companies making air suspensions, Air Lift has a reputation for dependable products. Established in 1949, Air Lift produced a rubber air spring to fit into the factory coil. Today, the company offers a wide selection of air suspensions to fit over 540 vehicle models. 

Look for their double bellow kits which have an innovative design that provides superior ride comfort and avoids rubbing. Customize the fitment to accommodate cars with and without upper spring perches. You can even modify the upper spring perches to achieve maximum lowness. 

If for any reason you need to return the car to stock, the Air Lift kit makes this easy: just unbolt your kit and reinstall the OEM rear springs. 

Universal Air Bag Kit

Founded in 2000, Universal Air Suspensions has one goal, to produce an air suspension that will outperform the rest. And they are well on their way, as they are the only manufacturer on the market that can work with your existing struts. 

Their suspension kits are vehicle specific, so be sure to check compatibility before you purchase. The extra effort is well worth it, though. With the right kit, installation is a simple bolt-in.

You'll have an American-made product that's produced in their San Bernardino, CA facility. Their air springs extend several inches higher than many others in its class, which will help you achieve extra clearance. 

Install The Best Air Suspension On Your Car

To ensure both the best performance and looks, you should only install the best air suspension on your ride. Start by looking for a company that makes air suspensions for the make and model of your car, then compare the brands to find the best fit for your needs and driving style.

Are you looking for a particular suspension kit for your car? Browse our extensive inventory and find what you need!


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