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Audi is a trusted automobile brand. The car group brought in approximately 21 euros in sales revenue within the past year alone.

If you're a proud Audi owner, learning to maintain your vehicle is important, and changing the oil is one of the most critical forms of maintenance.

If you want to learn how to perform an Audi oil change on your own, here's what to do.

Learn How to Check Your Oil and Find Out if It's Time for a Change

Before you change your Audi oil, you need to know how to check it first. To do so, you need to locate your Audi's engine oil reservoir, which is located in the engine block and should be labeled. 

Most Audis will also have a dipstick that you can pull out to view a sample of the oil amount and quality. Pull out the dipstick and assess whether the oil is light-colored like tea or if it's gritty and black. If the oil is tar black or close to it, it's old and time for a change.

Buy the Right Oil, Tools and Replacement Parts

Assess the year, make, and model of your vehicle so that you know what kind of oil you should purchase. Your Audi owner's manual should give you an indication. Look into the viscosity rating that you will need for your engine to perform properly. 

Search for deals and discounts on some of the best car parts and tools for the job. In addition to a fresh bottle of oil, you will also need a fresh new Audi oil filter, drain pan, screwdrivers and socket wrenches. 

Choose a Workspace and Carefully Handle Your Oil Change

Make sure to change your oil somewhere that is safe and well-lit, with plenty of ventilation. Start your car and let it run for about 10 minutes or so for the engine to warm up. 

Pop the hood and locate the oil reservoir. Remove the cap and set it aside to alleviate pressure in the system. 

You'll find your Audi's oil drain plug in the same location underneath the bottom of the car. Slide the drain pan underneath it and remove the plug. The oil will begin to fall from the system and collect in the drain pan. 

Once your engine is empty of oil, you should clean any excess oil from the surrounding parts. Locate your current oil filter and unscrew the component holding it in place. Remove it and slide another oil filter in to replace it. 

From there, re-install your engine oil drain plug tightly. Grab a few bottles of oil and pour them directly into your engine so that your vehicle has fresh lubrication. Check with your manufacturer's book to see your engine oil capacity, and make sure never to overfill it. 

Perform the Audi Oil Change That You Need

Performing an Audi oil change will assist you in the long-term care of your vehicle. If you feel out of your depth in changing it on your own, hiring a professional is the best course of action!

Either way, make sure that you're using nothing but high-quality oil and parts. Consider these tips and browse our inventory of the best Audi performance parts on the market.


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