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If you’re a car enthusiast, you’re always looking for ways you can improve your vehicle. Whether you want to boost the performance or improve the styling, your car is a never-ending and fun project.

Most people are now holding onto their vehicles for six and a half years. This is a long time and, if you’re like us, you’ll get bored of the standard style of your car after a while.

The good news is that at UroTuning, we have the best Mercedes-Benz performance upgrades for your vehicle!

We have lots of amazing aftermarket products for European vehicles: Mini performance parts, BMW parts, and more. You can have everybody looking at your stylish and unique car out on the road.

We’re going to show some of our favorite Mercedes-Benz performance parts. It's time to upgrade your ride and do it in style.

A Rear Spoiler

Every sporty and stylish car has a spoiler. We don’t make the rules; this is just how it is. Of course, a lot of car enthusiasts like the way it looks; it creates a dynamic shape to the rear and one that’s interesting and unique.

But a spoiler is more than a cosmetic addition to your vehicle. It can also create less drag, which means that you may notice a difference when it comes to fuel efficiency.

Real spoilers improve traction and even provide more stability when you’re driving.

License Plate Frame

An easy but cool way to accessorize your vehicle is with a license plate frame. They’re easy to install yourself and you can choose one that suits your style. Instead of having a boring license plate, this frame adds color and style to the border.

It's surprising how many patterns you can find! Great for a themed car or even a sleek look, this easy addition is budget-friendly and filled with style.

Shark Fin Antenna

If you have an older Mercedes, you probably don’t have a styled antenna; you're stuck with a wire that stands up straight on the roof. These are boring and annoying, and you can’t get rid of it.

We have a way to bring you to the modern-day with the shark fin antenna. It’s sleek and aerodynamic so it doesn’t affect your performance, as well as is cool to look at. You can make it blend in with your vehicle and look sporty.

No more visible antenna.

Let’s be honest, nothing says old fashioned than an antenna sticking up on the roof of your car. In some cases, a shark fin antenna can improve your signal and communication.

A Grill Upgrade

Your grill makes a statement, it's the first thing people notice about your vehicle. Often, the standard grill on cars is boring and generic, which is why it’s become popular to have a big, shiny grill that stands out.

With Mercedes-Benz's performance parts, there are a lot of choices that mean you can be unique and look brand new.

Chrome and black-out grills are popular for a sporty and mean style. The latest trend to consider is a badge-less grill to keep everybody guessing, and talking about your Mercedes.

Exhaust Tip

Do you want to improve the rear styling of your favorite vehicle? This is easy when you choose a cool exhaust tip.

Black or stainless-steel exhaust tips are popular choices and complement a sporty car. Angle-cut and double-walled parts present well and give better durability.

Exhaust tips aren’t only for styling; they can also enhance the sound of your vehicle. Enjoy a deep roar as your engine sounds out.

This is the perfect Mercedes-Benz performance upgrade to improve your car without breaking the bank.

Projector Headlights

Over time, it’s common for headlights to become dull and foggy. This can be due to the age of your model or weather exposure. No matter the cause, foggy headlights are a sign of disrepair.

Invest in European aftermarket parts to lighten up the roads.

Increase your visibility at night with this perfect Mercedes-Benz performance part. Not only will the visibility increase your safety but your car's design will improve too.

Projector headlights are a great Mercedes-Benz performance upgrade and are chosen by a lot of car enthusiasts. Brighter than reflector headlights, they have a downward projection of light. This small change is less likely to interfere with another driver's vision.

Projector headlights were only used on luxury vehicles from the 1980s. These are a great show of style to equip a BMW, Audi or Mercedes-Benz with.


Everyone wants to have shiny, sparkling wheels. They can make or break your vehicle’s style.

Over time, your wheels will show wear and tear. The dark grime can take its toll and start corroding the material it’s made from. This doesn’t look good.

One of the most popular Mercedes-Benz performance parts car enthusiasts invest in are wheels.

Multi-spoke designs, blacked-out style or a motorsport shape, new wheels can really give your car a boost. In fact, you can completely change the look of your car and make it appear brand new again.

Get Started With Your Mercedes-Benz Performance Parts

At UroTuning, we have awesome Mercedes-Benz performance parts for you. We specialize in OEM and performance parts for a variety of vehicles. This includes Volkswagen, Audi, Mini, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz.

We’re car enthusiasts, which means we know what parts you want.

We’ve been in business for many years and we’re constantly increasing our variety of Mercedes-Benz performance upgrades.

If you’re looking for something specific, we can help you out. Contact us today and speak to a member of our team!


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