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What do you get when you want a fast car, but the freedom to go just about anywhere? Well first, let's back up and get some background so this all makes sense.

Porsche created a car destined to race and the Porsche 911's first-ever race was at the 1965 Monte Carlo Rally. Porsche's Public Relations committee wanted to showcase how much Porsche could do as a competitive motorsports team. Within a year of that race, Porsche began producing an available rally kit for the 911 that included Recaros, a roll bar system, and adjustable Koni dampers out of the box. They went on to produce factory rally cars until the early 1970s. Porsche ended up going on to win Monte Carlo three times in a row! With the wins, Porsche began to focus on campaigning in the East Africa Safari.



With this appearance in Rally for Porsche, new attention was being attracted to the company for their award winning 911's. As with any high performance show case car, fans want a piece of the action. Porsche fans wanted their very own replicas, and finding the new 911 to be an affordable option, the Super Carrera was fan-named the "Safari Car."  



A Mysterious crew organized the TransSyberia Rally in 2007 which was a sports-touring event that stretched 4,500 miles from Moscow to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. 34 vehicles entered the event and of those, 25 were Porsche's purpose-built Cayenne S Transsyberia Editions. This is where the Syberia RS was born. Kai Burkhard, the curator of the Porsche 911 Syberia RS, came together with German suspension designer H&R to make what would be a rally inspired Porsche weapon.



With the build floating around the internet, the actual specifications behind the car are rather scarce. The owner has not published much information besides the obvious. What IS known is that H&R ripped the full stock suspension system and related mounting from the vehicle and completely reengineered the car to hold the new suspension system for long-travel type specifications. Check out the video below for more views of this gorgeous creature.



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