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Did you know that the global aftermarket automotive accessories industry is valued at $390 billion? The market is also expected to see annual growth of around 3.8% in the next ten years. This data shows that the industry is on the rise and is not going to stop anytime soon.

With such a massive market, choosing the right aftermarket performance parts is now even easier. Read the guide below to learn what to do to take your standard vehicle to the next level.

Aftermarket Exhaust System

One of the best aftermarket performance parts that you can add to your car is an aftermarket exhaust system. Exhaust systems not only sound great, but can go a long way in adding extra horsepower to your vehicle. 

Many metals are used in fabricating exhausts, but the most popular material used is stainless steel. Stainless steel is lightweight, relatively cheap, and easier to bend into shape compared to other metals.

Depending on if you go for a full exhaust system, you can add around 30 extra horsepower, sometimes even more. If you have the skills, you can fabricate your own exhaust at home, but it isn't necessarily advisable considering it can be an intricate and difficult process.

Cold Air Intake System

The cold air intake system is another one of those magnificent inventions that add to your vehicle's performance. Essentially, what a cold air intake does is it replaces your standard air filter and airbox with an aftermarket one, allowing better, colder air into your intake manifold.

Combustion inside an engine occurs better with colder air, so you can expect your vehicle to have about a 10 horsepower increase, which might not sound like a lot at first, but adding this with other aftermarket performance parts can make your car a screamer.

Forced Air Induction System

For those people that want lots of power from one place, there is no better system than forced air induction, or as most people may know it as: turbocharging or supercharging your vehicle.

What forced air induction does is it forces exhaust air that has been cooled down back into your engine. When this air gets forced back in, complimenting it with more fuel, will make the internal combustion in your engine stronger, thus creating more power. 

Forcing air back into an engine that wasn't designed to handle this amount of strain can create a lot of additional problems for your standard engine though. Normally, engine builders will upgrade most of the internal parts inside the engine with aftermarket parts which have been fabricated to withstand greater force.

Advanced engine knowledge is required to set up such a system, so taking it to a professional who builds turbocharger systems is highly recommended. Otherwise, you will risk endless failures.

Aftermarket Performance Parts Take Your Vehicle to the Next Level

Aftermarket performance parts are designed to take your vehicle to the next level performance-wise. Countless hours have gone into the design of these systems, with solely the vehicle's power and performance in mind.

Are you looking to add horsepower to your vehicle? Not sure where to get the best aftermarket parts available? Head on over to our products page and find out more for yourself!


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