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Flex Fuel for Mk8 Golf R + 8Y S3

UroTuning is excited to announce that Unitronic is set to release a brand new multi-port injection and flex fuel system for the new Mk8 Golf R and Audi S3 very soon! This two part UniFlex system allows for Flex Fuel tuning for the new Mk8 Golf R and 8Y Audi S3 platforms. For those who don’t know, FlexFuel is a fuel tuning option that allows for a blend of fuel to be used, with the vehicles ECU making adjustments on the fly based on the current fuel blend from regular 93 octane all the way to full ethanol fuel.

The most common use of a Flex Fuel tune is to allow the capability of running ethanol on your vehicle for added horsepower, which is exactly what UroTuning plans to try out on their Mk8 Golf R project car. Ethanol is a renewable BioFuel made from crops such as hemp, potatoes, sugarcane, and corn. This is why ethanol or Flex Fuel vehicles are commonly joked about being ‘corn powered’ or running on ‘corn juice.’ If you ever see a corn emoji under a crazy race car build on Instagram, now you know what they’re talking about! Ethanol is a more accessible fuel than straight race fuel, and is a higher output option when compared to something like pump gas.

mk8 golf r e85 uniflex

When it comes to performance applications, ethanol burns more efficiently than regular unleaded pump gas and can even reduce harmful emissions due to its much higher oxygen content. Ethanol also prevents gas line freeze-up because it helps suspend moisture in your fuel system, so there is no need to add anti-freeze in cold weather. Ethanol, or E85, is also popular in performance applications because it allows your motor to run cooler than with typical gasoline. This is due to the fact that Ethanol is higher in oxygen by mass.

A fuel blend is when you blend something like 93 octane from the pump with ethanol. This blend results in a flexible fuel mixture, which brings us back to the Unitronic UniFlex system that we have unboxed in the video below this article. This multiport injection and UniFlex kit is a requirement if you want to run UniFlex ethanol software on your MK8 Golf R or 8Y Audi S3, because it will dynamically adjust your vehicles tune to your current fuel mixture, making running any amount of ethanol blend much more accessible for daily driving.

mk8 golf r e85 uniflex
mk8 golf r e85 uniflex

The components for this kit includes numerous hardware kits and pieces to make the install easier that include things like drill bits, taps, additional screws, wiring harnesses, additional injectors, fuel rail system, bluetooth module, and more. One of the coolest parts of this kit is the ability to use the Unitronic Bluetooth module to manage your Flex Fuel tune right through your phone or smart device.

Unitronic has not released an official date that this kit will be available, but they were kind enough to send us this kit to unbox and get set up for initial review on our Mk8 Golf R! Be sure to keep an eye on our website and socials for more info regarding the new Unitronic UniFlex kit for MK8 Golf R and 8Y Audi S3.


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