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Would you consider yourself a car enthusiast? Are you an avid lover of all things automotive?

If you answered yes, you're in the right place.

Every automobile advocate wants to decorate their vehicle with the latest and greatest accessories. And sure, you can find a few mini parts here and there to embellish your ride a bit, but if you really want to beautify your baby - why not go the extra mile?

Fifteen52 wheels may be one of the best choices to make for your trim.

What Are Fifteen52 Wheels?

First off, fifteen52 is a wheel brand motivated by a passion for cars, motors, wheels, and anything else automotive-related. Secondly, fifteen52 wheels are racing performance wheels.

Although these rims were initially designed for the motorsport lifestyle, they are also adapted to the rigors of everyday driving.

This means that regular drivers - such as yourself - can take advantage of the contemporary design and durability that these rims have to offer.

Fifteen52 wheels are essentially the mini-performance parts that will truly contribute to the overall appearance of your vehicle.

What Types of Fifteen52 Wheels Are Available?

As with most anything, there are various types of fifteen52 wheels, and they can be affixed to your ride through the handiwork of skilled technicians via integrated engineering.

Here are a few of the various sets that are available:

Fifteen52 Tarmac

This wheel is a powerful testament to the robust image that fifteen52 stands for and represents. Strong, long-lasting, and resolute, the asphalt black Tarmac is an authoritative autosports wheel with a proven track record of longevity.

Fifteen52 Turbomac

A highly sought-after and in-demand wheel design, the Turbomac was derived from the 5-spoke Tarmac. The Turbomac wheel was produced, with formation and performance being the key attributes.

Its strong design and lightweight composition make this wheel a high-performing piece of motorsport equipment. 

Turbomac HD Block Bronze

Due to the ongoing success of the design for Turbomac, a rough and rugged yet light and distinct, all-terrain alternative was in order. This is where the development of the Turbo HD Block Bronze began taking shape.

The Turbomac HD sports a reproduced Beadlock ring with a hardware design that offers resistance to corrosion. 

How Are Fifteen52 Wheels Beneficial to Your Car

These wheels were designed for abuse on the racetrack, but were adapted to the rigors of everyday driving. As such, you can feel confident knowing that you have a sturdy set of rims that will go the distance.

Additionally, the veneer of your car will be greatly enhanced thanks to the wheels' sleek and stylish design, which means you'll be turning heads and drawing attention anywhere you go.

Are You Ready for a New Set of Rims?

The fifteen52 wheels are well made, modern, and will help your car stand out. Furthermore, the wheels' long-lasting design and tough build make them a great option for any car aficionado.

If you're curious to learn more or have any questions, don't hesitate to send us an email today with your inquiries. We look forward to hearing from you.


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