Buyer's Guide

    How do I buy/redeem a gift certificate?

    To purchase a gift certificate for someone, click here. If you are the recipient of a gift certificate and would like to redeem your gift certificate, click here.


    How do I find a product I'm looking for?

    To find the product(s) you're looking for, you may (1) use the navigation menus on the top, left & bottom of our website. (2) type a keyword into the SEARCH box. If you have any trouble locating a product, feel free to contact customer service for assistance.


    How do I navigate the site?

    To navigate this website, simply select a vehicle from the "Select Vehicle" dropdown in the right side of the header. After doing so all products shown are confirmed to fit your vehicle unless otherwise stated. You may click products at any time to return to the homepage of the selected vehicle.

    If you do not want to narrow products by a vehicle you may click on products and after confirming you do not want to select a vehicle you may then view all products unfiltered.

    To search simply click on the search bar in the header and begin typing to see search recommendations. If you have a vehicle selected while searching, the search results will be constrained to that vehicle. If you would like to search the site in its entirety please remove the vehicle from your user profile by first clicking on the selected vehicle and then on "My Vehicles". After removing all vehicles please refresh the page.


    How do I use a coupon?

    After adding items to your cart, click the cart link at the top of this site then "to view your cart. After proceeding to checkout, you'll see a box where you may enter your coupon code.

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