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**NOTE for CVT CUSTOMERS: This Downpipe/Y-Adapter fits CVT A4s as well as 6-Speed Manuals. See fitment information below.**

As a follow-up to our release of our record setting 3 inch catless test-pipe for the B7-A4 2.0T, we are proud to release our 3" to dual 2.5" Downpipe and Y-Adapter for the B7-A4 2.0T. This is the same 3" downpipe that was featured on our record setting Research and Development JHM B7-A4 2.0T for the fastest stock turbo quarter mile record (13.38 at 100.3 mph):

Our JHM 3" to dual 2.5" Downpipe and Y-Adapter allows you to run either an OEM B6-S4 or B7-S4 stock cat-back or an aftermarket cat-back made for a B6-B7 S4 with stock sized downpipes. We also offer an option for this Downpipe that will allow you run a true 2.5" B6-B7 S4 cat-back on your B7-A4 2.0T for the best exhaust flow possible!

We wanted to offer our customers the best performance possible, at the highest quality possible, at the lowest possible price. This led us to design this downpipe and y-adapter for the B7-A4 2.0T so it would mate up to OEM B6-B7 S4 cat-backs. The B6-B7 S4 has a 4.2L 40 valve V8 with 339 horsepower from the factory so the cat-back has the potential to flow enough air for most customers' needs. Since the majority of the B6-B7 S4 owners are upgrading to other cat-backs, OEM B6-B7 S4 cat-backs can be found for relatively cheap.

For those looking to get the absolute maximum power out of their stock turbo B7-A4 2.0T, we recommend running a true 2.5" cat-back. Many cat-backs for the B6-B7 S4 actually neck down to stock pipe sizing so make sure to find a cat-back with true 2.5" connections like our Fast Intentions 2.5" Cat-Back for the B6-B7 S4. Note: While cat-backs made for the B6-S4 will bolt right on to a B7-A4 2.0T, cat-backs made for a B7-S4 will require a B7-S4 rear bumper valence or modification to your bumper.


After the turbo on the B7-A4 2.0T there are 3 different components in the exhaust system:

- TEST PIPE or CAT PIPE (OEM Cat Pipe): This pipe is the shortest section of the exhaust system and can be seen from the top of the car. It attaches to the turbo outlet and in stock form, contains the OEM Catalytic Converter. There are two oxygen sensors located on this pipe - one right after the turbo outlet and one after the cat. After the cat, this pipe bends down to connect to the next part of the exhaust system, the CAT-BACK which includes the DOWNPIPE and the REAR EXHAUST.

- CAT-BACK - DOWNPIPE: This section of the exhaust attaches to the cat pipe and runs down from that connection over the CV shaft then under the passenger side of the transmission cross-member. In the stock formation, it connects to the REAR EXHAUST via a slip fit clamp where the end of the DOWNPIPE slips over the REAR EXHAUST.

- CAT-BACK - REAR EXHAUST: This final piece of the exhaust system is connected to the back of the DOWNPIPE and in the stock configuration splits into two pipes after exiting a resonator. After the resonator, the pipes continue to go apart and then lead into a muffler on each side. At the exit of the muffler, the REAR EXHAUST ends with the tips that you can see at the back of your car. Sometimes this section of the exhaust is mistakenly called the "cat-back". On the B7-A4 2.0T, a true cat-back exhaust would replace BOTH the DOWNPIPE and the REAR EXHAUST sections. Most quality exhaust manufacturers sell true "cat-back" exhausts that will bolt up to your OEM cat-pipe or your test pipe. However, we have found that a number of manufacturers making exhaust products for the B7-A4 2.0T will market a rear exhaust system as a cat-back. Use this information to make sure you know what exhaust components you are replacing.

OPTIONS - Cat-Back Connection: You can order your JHM downpipe/Y-adapter to mate up to an OEM B6-B7 S4 cat-back (along with OEM sized, aftermarket B6-B7 S4 cat-backs designed to mate up to stock pipes) or to mate up to a dual 2.5" cat-back connection like our JHM-FI B6-B7 S4 Cat-backs. Select your connection type from the dropdowns below.

- 1x JHM B7-A4 2.0T Downpipe-Y
- 1x JHM B7-A4 2.0T Downpipe-Y Installation Hardware Kit (3x Allen Bolts - 8mm x 25mm, 3x Narrow Lock Washers 2x Exhaust Hanger Spacers, 2x Longer Exhaust Hanger Bolts)

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Audi Exhaust - Downpipe-Y 3 to 2.5 for B6-B7 S4

- 2005 to 2008 B7-A4 2.0T with 6 Speed Manual Transmission, quattro or front wheel drive
- 2005 to 2008 B7-A4 2.0T with the front wheel drive CVT
**NOTE FOR ALL FRONT WHEEL DRIVE (CVT or MANUAL) CARS:** You will have to modify the S4 cat-back in order to fit the exhaust with the CVT or Manual FWD gas tank or convert your car to the gas tank from the quattro-AWD A4.**

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