JHM - Front BBK (Big Brake Kit) JHM 350mm Cayenne (Brembo 6 - piston) B5 - B6 - B7 - C5 - NO Calipers


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**NOTE: As of 8/1/2012, all JHM Lightweight Rotors will now look like the picture below!!!***

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Audi S8 Brake Rotors (Rear) | 2-piece Lightweight

Due to popular demand, all of our 2-piece, lightweight rotors will now come with black anodized rotor hats featuring Type 3, hard anodizing, the highest quality and hardest anodizing available for aluminum. This will make the rotor hats more resistant to fade and wear and will hide brake dust better. Due to popular, demand all lightweight rotor rings will also feature zinc plating. This high quality coating will slow the effects of corrosion and keep your rotor rings looking good through the winters.

FINALLY a low cost front BBK (Big Brake kit) solution for your B6/B7 A4/S4 that uses the popular Porsche Cayenne caliper (6-piston Brembo)


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DOES NOT INCLUDE CALIPERS: This page is for those who have or are sourcing their own calipers.  If you need calipers please see the Red, Silver and Black product pages in this section or search for "350mm BBK".

INCLUDES: 2 - JHM 2-piece Lightweight Slotted Front Rotors (350mm x 32mm), 2 - Stainless DOT approved Brake Lines, 2 - OEM Cayenne Brake Pad sensors (they work by only splicing 2 wires), 1 - Liter Pentosin DOT 4 Synthetic Brake Fluid and all bolts and hardware to mount the calipers with JHM exclusive 16mm to 14mm stainless bushings to snuggly fit the caliper. - DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTION ZIP FILE BELOW WITH PICTURES AND NOTES (not sent with kit)

DOES NOT INCLUDE PADS - We carry several options for this kit, we recommend the Hawk pads the most, search on our site for "350mm brake pads" for all our options from Hawk and the OEM pagid option



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Audi Front Calipers, Porsche Cayenne (Brembo 6-piston) 350mm


Stock 345mm(S4) vs. JHM 350mm 2-piece for the Porsche Cayenne Caliper
-Rotor OD: Stock = 345mm(13.6")S4, JHM = 350mm(13.8") - .2" larger
-Rotor Thickness: Stock = 30mm(1.18")S4, JHM = 32mm(1.26") - thicker
-Rotor Weight: Stock = 25lbs(each)S4, JHM = 17lbs(each) - 32% LIGHTER, 8lbs less each
-Rotor Cooling Air-gap: Stock = 9.5mm(.374")S4, JHM = 18.5mm(.728") - LARGER for better cooling
-Rotor Cooling Center Fin Design: Stock = Straight Fin, JHM = Airfoil - MORE EFFICIENT for better cooling
-Bolt pattern: - SAME (fits like an OEM rotor would)
NOTE: For the A4s their rotors are even smaller so this upgrade would be even more substantial.


Why the Porsche Cayenne caliper? With its 6-piston design and MASSIVE brake pads it is a strong performer. Also it bolts right up to your spindles with NO brackets. All you need is some bolts, nuts, brake lines and JHM rotors and you have a 350mm BBK. Being that it is an OEM part they are readily available and can be found used for great prices.


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Audi Front Rotors JHM 350mm, Cayenne Caliper C5/A6/S6


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Audi Front Rotors JHM 350mm, Cayenne Caliper C5/A6/S6


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Audi Front Rotors JHM 350mm, Cayenne Caliper C5/A6/S6


Outer ring specs:
We worked closely with a race brake manufacturer that supplies many NASCAR racers and a couple major brake kit companies. Due to their expertise we chose to have them build us the outer rings to our specs to fit the B6/B7 A4/S4 with a Cayenne caliper bolted on. 12 attachment points for durability and strength.


Center hat specs:
We CNC machine the Aluminum center hats in house based on their recommended materials and thicknesses for durability. 12 attachment points for durability and strength. We also engrave JHM in them in 3 locations equal from each other, it looks clean and doesn't jump out or look tacky.


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Audi B8 S4-S5 Brake Rotors (Rear) 2-piece Lightweight






Note - This brake upgrade only fits under most 18" wheels or larger. It fits stock 18" B6 S4 wheels with a 3mm (minimum) wheel spacer, It fits stock 18" B7 S4 (BBS) wheels with a 8mm (minimum) wheel spacer, and the stock 18" B7 S4 (NON-BBS) wheels with a 12.5mm (minimum) wheel spacer.



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