Vargas Turbo Technologies Thermo-Isolating O2 Bungs


Part# VTT-O2-BUNG-2-4

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Tired of burning out O2 sensors on your pre-turbo O2 installation such as BMW N54 etc? Well, now you do not have to. Our Thermo-Isolating O2 bungs either screw into your existing O2 bung, or weld into manifold or header. These bungs then isolate the O2 from the direct heat a pre-turbo sensor sees. They do this by reducing the exhaust gases flowing over the sensor, as well are lift the element away from the hot manifold with 8 heat sinks for weld-in, and 4 for screw in. All VTT Thermo-Isolating O2 bungs are machined from Billet 310SS for extreme heat resistance.

The dot on the hex must face into the exhaust stream to form a venturi effect and move the exhaust through the bung and across the sensor effectively. For the weld in, this is easily achieved, for the screw in, there are numerous ways to do it annealing the washer is one way, this will allow it to be very soft, and you can get more turn on, more washers are also available for a small charge if you wish to stack to get the right orientation.

Please choose Weld-in ($10 upcharge) or Screw-in from the drop downs, and if you want extra sealing washers…

Dimensions for clearance checking:
Screw in height 1.15″ from existing bung
Weld in 1.57″ height from material welded to
Both are 1″ Diameter

⚠️CALIFORNIA WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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