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Just who is 034 motorsport and why should you be familiar with them? 

Well, for starters, if you have a VW or an Audi, you should care about 034 an awful lot. They are one of the pre-eminent aftermarket parts suppliers and tech development companies for the VW and Audi modding world. 

For this reason alone, we want to give them some quality time with an in-depth overview. 

Starting Off, Who is 034 Motorsport?

Let's start with what 034 says about themselves: 034 states that they "pride [themselves] on developing the finest track-proven performance upgrades for Audi and Volkswagen enthusiasts."

That's a bold claim. So, can they back it up? In short, yes. Yes, they can. 

034 Motorsport isn't just a store full of Audi and VW parts that they send across the world to eager buyers. Founder Javad Shadzi and his team put their money where their mouths are. Their shop features several wrenching stations full of customer cars, employee cars, and R&D testing that happens around the clock. 

More than anything, the 034 team is trustworthy because they test everything they sell on local vehicles. The 034 team also takes a lot of pride in the variety of components that they can offer. 

034 is also humble (enough). They're not cocky enough to think that they can remanufacture an entire car. So, to provide a full-service experience, they stock their workshop with OEM and aftermarket products that they've tested and trust to work on their modified vehicles. 

Maybe the better question to ask at the start of this was: who isn't 034 Motorsport?

034 Motorsport Has Great Build Inspiration

This might seem to be a funny thing to list in a review, but, for a more premium brand like 034 Motorsport, having build inspiration presented by the company is central to a full-service experience. 

All of their sample builds presented on their website feature parts from the 034 workshop. By providing sample builds to their customers, they don't have to worry about as much bounce and shopping around. You, the customer, now don't have to dream about what your tuner will look like or search through google on the off chance you find a car sporting the same modification that you're looking at. 

Plus, their builds are hot. So, you can't go wrong. 

Even better, 034's popularity has led to a decent amount of press coverage and community builds, so you won't be starved for content when you've blown through 034's featured builds. 

034 Motorsport's Build Quality

After extensive research, we found that not only have we had no problems with the parts that 034 send to us, no one else has either. The only possible complaint out there being that 034's customer service can be a touch slow. If you're buying through a 3rd party like us, you've solved that problem neatly. 

034 makes money, and they get to keep doing what they love to do. You receive stellar customer service with us, and it's a win-win. 

Back to build quality, though, because it's excellent. Why? Because it has to be to keep up with the markets that they're gunning for. 

034 caters to the higher-end of track day car owners and professional racers. That means they offer robust steel part options, alongside indestructible and light carbon fiber. 

All of this sounds great, which usually means that their premium parts come at a premium price. But do they?

034 Motorsport Parts Pricing

034's parts can be a touch more expensive than other brands. More common parts like intercoolers, suspension, and more, can cost between $800 and $2,000. However, if you're heavily investing in your car, these prices make a lot of sense. After all, in most cases, you get what you pay for. 

We would tag 034 Motorsport as a brand that track-day enthusiasts with a mid-to-high level amount to devote to performance upgrades should consider.

If you're still hesitant about investing in your car, go for something slightly cheaper and see if you like it. Then, buy the 034 part if you like the difference your upgrade made. 

034 Motorsport Covered Brands

The best and worst thing about 034 Motorsport is their product line-up. At the moment, this company only specializes in Audi and VW parts.

This means that they get to drill down into the nitty-gritty of the euro-car tuning world, but it also means that we don't get any mods for the Toyotas or Mitsubishis of the world. Honestly, that's a tragedy. We can practically see a large, neon yellow 034 plastered to the side of Paul Walker's Supra. 

If you have an Audi or a VW, there will be a part for your car that the team at 034 has tried, stress-tested, and fitted to a car like yours that they've then shipped to us to sell to you. (Even if those parts are for older models.) This devotion to the Audi and VW brands has set 034 apart from their competition in noticeable ways. 

034 Motorsport's Community Building

The last reason why we love 034 as a company is that they give back to car culture as a whole. With every purchase from any outlet, 034 gives back a portion of their proceeds to sponsor the Audi Club North America's Golden Gate Chapter and NorCal Audi Club. 034 also devotes their time to answering questions and giving expert advice on forums like Audizine, GolfMkVI, QuattroWorld, VWvortex, and Fourtitude.

When we see a company with products like 034 actively supporting the community that they serve, that tells us that they care about the parts that they're selling. 

If we're honest, that's in the top five reasons why we carry their products and support their business. They care, so we care. 

Overall Impressions of 034 Motorsport Mods

So, what are our overall impressions, and should you buy 034 VW or Audi parts? The answer there is a resounding yes! 

034 Motorsport offers pro-level modifications at a reasonable price. Better yet, they support the communities that make their modifications possible.

So, after reading our review, what are your thoughts on buying 034 Motorsport? Do you think that 034 is a good buy or do you need to keep searching around? Whatever you're thinking, feel free to check out our shop! You should be able to find everything your car needs there.


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