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Mini Cooper people are a breed apart. If you own one of these pint-sized yet powerful cars, you know how special these cars are.

Minis turn heads everywhere they go, which is why Mini Cooper caravans, clubs, and rallies are a big part of the "Mini lifestyle".

Want to take your Mini to the next level? Check out these five must-have Mini Cooper mods!

1. Upgraded Handling

A Mini is fun to drive around corners and over long stretches of road. You can make those corners and roads smoother with upgraded handling and suspension.

NM Engineering has several Mini-specific products that will do the trick. The NM Engineering RS Alpha Spring Kit gives your ride a more solid, stable feel.

2. Turbo-Charged

Getting more air into your engine is the way to give your Mini a boost. If you want to recreate the famous chase scene in The Italian Job, start with a turbocharger.

Minis use a K03 Borg Warner unit, so look for aftermarket hybrid KO3 or KO4 units. Remember to also upgrade your intercooler to keep the heat down.

3. Aftermarket Wheels

Putting on aftermarket wheels is both a performance and an aesthetic thing. They make your ride look nice while also reducing wear and tear.

Alloy wheels are pricier, but because they're lighter, they reduce drag. They'll help you speed up and brake quicker, too.

Avant-Garde M310 wheels have a modern mesh look that is perfect on a stylish Mini. Fiften52 makes quite a few Mini-specific wheels that look fresh and clean.

4. Comfort-Driven

Some car mods aren't about performance or looks, they're just a way to make your ride more comfortable for you.

Do a deep clean of your car and take a look at what you can do to spruce it up. Tablet and phone mounts, new seat covers, and floor mats are all easy and inexpensive upgrades that make a big difference.

Don't forget about your security and audio systems. Those long rides with your Mini Cooper club need the perfect soundtrack!

5. Improved Drivetrain

Your drivetrain is the way your engine communicates with your wheels. Making it more efficient increases your power and ramps up your handling.

Start with upgrading your clutch. If you're going to increase engine power, you need a clutch that can handle the stronger output.

Your flywheel is part of your clutch but can be noisy. Get a dual-mass flywheel with built-in dampening to take down the noise and any vibrations.

Hottest Mini Cooper Mods

These are just five mods to get your engine started. Once you start discovering the many ways you can upgrade your Mini, you won't be able to stop!

Boosting your ride with these Mini Cooper mods makes your Mini perform better. You'll stand out from the crowd at your next Mini rally, too.

You can spend as much or as little as you like. Start with one mod and work your way from wheels to canopy.

Want to create the ride of your dreams? Check out our extensive selection of mods and more!


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