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Volkswagen has been a popular car brand ever since its formation in 1937. It is also responsible for a number of other famous car brands such as Bentley, Audi, Lamborghini, Bugatti, and Porsche.

The car brand offers a myriad of well-designed models and they are even achieving success in the electric car market — specifically with their e-Golf model in Europe. Volkswagen is most popular in Europe and South America.

However, Volkswagen owners will inevitably endure certain issues with their vehicles.

Here are the most common Volkswagen problems you’ll experience.

Coolant Leaks

Don’t be alarmed if the coolant starts to leak from your water pump. This likely means the seals and internal bearings are weak. In severe cases, the coolant flows down toward the engine, resulting in steam blowing from the engine.

What if the coolant leak occurs under the car? The problem is likely with the radiator, such as a corroded radiator. Your coolant hose could also be damaged.

It’s important you address coolant issues immediately. Failing to do so can result in engine overheating. If you need to replace any parts, you can easily find German car parts online — no matter what country you’re based in.

Oil Leak

Are you bad about changing your Volkswagen’s oil? You could face an oil leak. Other common reasons for an oil leak include low RPM driving and extreme weather conditions.

When your engine can't ventilate properly, pressure forms, causing oil leaks in weak areas of the system. Other common oil leak culprits include the camshaft seals and plugs, valve cover gaskets, and the O-ring.

If any of these parts are causing oil leaks, inspect your Volkswagen for the problem and replace any faulty parts.

Timing Belt Replacement

When your timing belt breaks, it’s time for a replacement. How do you know your timing belt breaks? You’ll hear a scraping or slapping sound from your engine.

While you replace your timing belt, it’s best to replace other parts with it. This includes the tensioner, water pump, and rollers.

Suspension Concerns

Your Volkswagen ball joints absorb shock from up-and-down movements and rotate with steering wheel movements.

The first sign of a faulty ball joint is a clicking sound when you turn the steering wheel. If your ball joint is faulty, you could be facing some serious suspension issues.

Suspension issues and difficulty steering could also be the result of worn-out bushings. You could also have loose screws near the rotors.

If any suspension issues occur, inspect your vehicle to find the culprit. Don’t hesitate on necessary repairs and replacements. Doing so may cause worse issues in the future. Always replace faulty or worn down parts.

Overheating Vehicle

It’s common for Volkswagens to overheat. These cars can only hold a small amount of coolant and they also lose coolant quickly.

You should inspect your Volkswagen regularly to ensure the engine isn’t overheating. As a general rule, you should replace the coolant parts every 60,000 miles.

In addition to coolant issues, you may need to replace your engine fan. There could also be an issue with the thermostat, preventing the flow of coolant to the radiator.

Speed Sensor and ABS Control Module Issues

Volkswagen drivers tend to experience speed sensor issues. Always inspect the sensor if you believe it’s off. You may need to clean off the wheel speed sensor as well as the ABS control module.

But speed sensor issues could be the first sign of a failing ABS control module. You should also be mindful of rear brake issues that can cause issues with the ABS control module.

The surest sign of a failing ABS control module is when the ABS and brake lights start flashing and the lights are accompanied by beeping. But this issue can also mean you have low brake fluid or an issue with the hand brake switch.

If your ABS control module is failing, you may need some replacement parts, depending on any other issues the ABS control module is causing.

Understanding Your Maintenance Lights

Volkswagens have multiple maintenance light colors. If this is your first time owning a Volkswagen, these lights may be unusual.

If your lights are green, this is only a minor issue. But yellow and red lights mean a more serious issue.

Yellow lights inform you to be cautious of a potentially serious issue, such as an issue with the steering system. Red maintenance lights signal a severe issue.

If a red light turns on while driving, stop the car immediately. You could be facing serious issues such as high engine temperatures, low voltage output, or no oil pressure.

Window Movement Issues

This issue is minor but can be annoying while driving. It’s not uncommon for Volkswagen drivers to experience issues moving their windows.

This is an issue with the window regulator mechanism, where the window moves slower or refuses movement altogether. In addition, debris can also get caught in the mechanism, causing the mechanism to work harder.

You may also hear noises while moving the window. These noises include a crunching, grinding, or clicking sound.

If you have a faulty window regulator, you can try lubricating it to see if it performs better.

If there’s any debris, clean it out. If all else fails, you’ll need to replace the window regulator. Be careful if you’ve never done this before — the tension could potentially damage your fingers.

From Leaks to Faulty Parts: Know These Common Volkswagen Problems

Volkswagen is one of the most renowned and trusted car brands in the world.

However, you may run into some common Volkswagen problems. Examples include coolant and oil leaks, ABS control issues, an overheating engine, and even window mechanism problems.

Fortunately, many of these repairs can be performed DIY. But if you’re not in Europe, it can be difficult to find Volkswagen parts. This is where we can help. We offer essential parts for Volkswagens and all major European car brands.

Do you need parts for your Volkswagen or other European cars? Shop with us today!


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