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Track-tearing torque. Precision shifting. Growling exhaust. Eye-catching style. If you dream about using these terms to describe your BMW, but can't, don't fret. You're closer than you think.

BMW performance upgrades are easier than ever. There are many OEM and aftermarket parts available at reasonable prices. Here's a look at five great ways to sport-tune your BMW to change the way you talk about it.

AWE Tuning BMW Touring Edition Quad Exhaust

Now you can get the perfect rumble with this BMW 328i performance upgrade. AWE Tuning uses its proprietary 180 Technology on this axle-back exhaust system to create the perfect exhaust note without the drone.

A key element of this technology is the resonating straight-through mid-pipe made from 3 T304 stainless steel. Exhaust gases are funneled through strategically located ports and into reflection chambers where the sound waves bounce off the walls.

This allows specific timing of the release of the reflecting sound waves back into the exhaust system, creating a 180 degree out-of-phase sound wave. Problematic frequencies are canceled out, leaving the pure throaty growl you've been searching for.

The system is hand-crafted from three-inch T304 stainless steel, sourced in the United States. Fitments change based on your engine so check the N20 versus N26 fitment guide for details.

The Ultimate in BMW Performance Upgrades

Say hello to the BootMod3, the world's first custom flash-tuning platform. It features a cloud-based system with a web-based interface and operates through mobile apps on the iOS and Android platforms.

Taking your BMW 535i from stock to racetrack-ready is accomplished in minutes. You can datalog up to 40 channels concurrently from the over 200 diagnostic channels available.

It features Live Dash, real-time monitoring of vehicle parameters via your in-app gauges, as well as a full diagnostic suite that can read and clear trouble codes, reset Valvetronic, knock, and other learned adaptations, and easily reverts back to stock settings.

Aerodisc Wheel Covers

Adding Aerodisc wheel covers by Rotiform is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to upgrade your BMW 335i. These wheel covers come in cast or custom-forged builds in a huge variety of sizes and finishes.

Gloss White and Gloss Black finish captures the classic motorsport design, or you can add custom graphics to create your own personal style too.

Performance Braking

All that power needs control, right? That's where the Stoptech Slotted Rotor Kit comes into play. The kit includes Stoptech Slotted Rotors, brake pads with sensors if necessary, stainless steel brake lines, and Stoptech STR-600 High-Performance Brake Fluid.

Supercharge Your BMW

You need to check out the Active Autowerke Supercharger if you're looking to add power to your 328i. This Level 2 kit can boost your power by up to 150 percent, taking your stock 190 horsepower well over the 350 horsepower mark, depending on your set up.

Upgrade Today and Start Enjoying the Ride

There are so many ways you can upgrade your BMW using the best OEM and aftermarket parts. Shop our website for a complete list of BMW performance upgrades if you're ready to take your ride to the next level.


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