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Are you considering doing some work on your Mercedes? When it comes to a Mercedes, there are specific maintenance and repair procedures that you'll need to abide by.

In this article we break down the tips you need for maintenance, repairs and specific Mercedes parts that you'll need for your project.

Tips For Maintenance

As an owner of a Mercedes Benz, you'll need to provide a higher level of care so your car can run at its optimal performance.

Not only does routine maintenance increase the lifespan of the car, it also gives you peace of mind from potentially costly repairs.

Here are some things you should be checking regularly when it comes to your car.

Check your Battery

Your Battery is the heart and soul of the vehicle. Mercedes Benz vehicles rely heavily on the battery to keep the car functional. These crucial components include the fuel injectors, engine fan, and power steering. If these components are compromised, you may end up on the side of the road.

Start by opening the hood and inspecting the negative and positive posts. Check for any corrosion and clean them if there's some present. If the battery terminals look brittle or they are cracking, replace them as soon as possible. 

Also, check the electrical draw of your battery with a voltmeter. Fully charged batteries should be right around 12.6 volts when the car is off and between 13.7 to 14.7 volts with the car running.

If your battery reads below these marks, it's time to replace the battery.

Inspect Your Brakes

Brakes are an often overlooked maintenance task. In most cases, it is recommended to change your brake pads, brake fluid, and inspect for any rotor wear every 20,000 miles or so. If you use your car on a daily basis or make long commutes throughout the week, you may want to inspect them sooner than that. 

Check with your owner's manual for the best recommendations.

Check Your Tires

The tires need to be in good shape to prevent loss of control on the road. Make sure to keep the tires inflated at the proper recommended PSI. Failure to do so will result in uneven wear to the tires, leading to a possible tire blowout.

The sportier 550, 55, and 63 trim series Mercedes have higher-powered engines with higher torque. This means your wheels may wear quicker, and you'll need to rotate your tires at least every 5,000 miles.

Perform Regular Oil Changes

The oil for your Mercedes is the blood of your vehicle. The oil needs to be in shape for your Mercedes to run at its optimal level. Open the hood and use the dipstick to measure where the oil level is at.

Also, inspect the color of the oil. It should be a golden brown color. If your oil color is black and has a thick consistency, it's time to change the oil. It is recommended that you change your oil every 5,000 miles though, regardless of the color. Check your owner's manual for oil change recommendations.

Tips for Repairing Your Mercedes

Repairs can be a daunting task, but the good news is that most repairs can be a DIY situation. Here are some tips to get you in the right mindset for repairing your Mercedes on your own.

Know What You Can and Can't Handle

Some tasks are easy for anyone to handle, and then there are tasks that you should leave to a professional. When it comes to DIY repairs, it comes down to how prepared you are. 

Some tasks require special tools. If you don't have the tools needed to complete the job, you may save money by taking it to a shop. When diving into your repair job, make sure you have all of the necessary tools to complete the task.

Gather Your Resources

There are many resources on Youtube and the internet in general that share a lot of information on Mercedes repair projects.

The best thing you can do is gather as many resources as you can – guides, videos, manuals – and get prepared to tackle the project.

Document Every Step

One of the best strategies you can do for repairing a Mercedes vehicle on your own is documenting every step. Make sure you're writing everything down and taking pictures along the way.

This will make it easier to put critical parts back together in the right order and will give you an extra guide in avoiding mistakes.

Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Sometimes it isn't as easy as you might think. Don't be afraid to call a professional and ask for help. The sooner you seek professional help, the less time you will waste, as they can give you the guidance you need to finish your repair.

If you are at a standstill with your repair, give a professional a call and consider taking your vehicle into the shop.

Tips for Buying the Right Mercedes Parts

The first step in buying the right Mercedes Parts is finding a trusted source for parts. You'll also want to be sure of the parts that you will need to purchase. Double-check model numbers and part numbers.

Another tip is to use your Vehicle Identification Number or Chassis Number to verify the parts you need. You can then take this information and perform an online search.

Do you need help finding the right Mercedes parts for your project? Contact us and we can help you out!


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