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Working on European cars presents challenges American cars don't face, mainly the supply of parts. As a mechanic shop or professional, having a good inventory control system is critical to delivering quality service in a reasonable timeframe. 

Original parts and aftermarket spare parts are all part of a global supply chain you need to understand before you can manage your own supply chain.

What Is Inventory Control?

The first thing you need to understand is inventory control. This is simple, and yet oh so complex and difficult to manage in an effective manner. Most companies work with a minimum and maximum inventory level system.

This min/max system is automated these days but doesn't have to be. You simply create a minimum number to be kept on hand for each of your spare parts like, for example, Rotiform wheels. The idea is to reorder these parts when the level dips at or below your minimum.

How much you order is determined by your maximum number of spare parts. If your minimum number for say, a particular VW part, is three and your maximum is 10, and you have two onhand, you would order eight pieces. It's basic math and not difficult to understand, but there are other factors you need to consider as well.

Sometimes ordering BMW parts or Audi parts might require certain order minimums. If the part you are ordering must be ordered by the case of 12 pieces, you have to order the full case or not get any at all. This means you have to make a choice.

Your inventory maximum is 10 pieces so no matter what, reordering a case of 12 will put you over your maximum. Do you wait for your inventory to drop to 1 or zero before reordering, or do you bite the bullet and order the case now?

You should look at your usage history before deciding. If you go through three cases of a particular European aftermarket part every year, buying another case now makes more sense. If you sell/install less than your maximum every year, you can probably wait then.

Find Alternative Sources

You should consider a main supplier with a great reputation for every part of your inventory. Car professionals will always need a good and steady supplier. It's important to also have alternative sources too, in case your main supplier happens to be out of stock and your customer needs their AWE Tuning exhaust system immediately.

Having an alternate source can help you keep your customers happy by always having products available to make a repair fast.

You might also find better pricing depending on the supplier. Spare parts, performance parts, and any aftermarket or OEM part will be priced differently depending on who is selling it.

Let UroTuning Help With Your Inventory Control

UroTuning has built our reputation on providing our customers with the very best performance parts, aftermarket parts, and OEM parts available. We carry everything from performance engine parts, wheels, suspension systems, and accessories to help support your inventory control methods.

We specialize in parts for Volkswagen, BMW, Porsche, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, and more European automotive manufacturers. Contact us today and speak with one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff. They'll find the right part(s) at the right price and have it shipped to you fast to keep you up and ready at all times for your customers.


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