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We have just added another great brand to our wheel offerings here at UroTuning - Aodhan Wheels! The team at AodHan Wheels has more than 10+ years of experience in design, manufacturing and marketing of luxury customized wheels for the automotive industry. With leading edge style and precision engineering, Aodhan specializes in unique designs and wheel fitments that support applications of performance, luxury and standard vehicles.

If you've been looking for some great looking new wheels for your Volkswagen, Audi, or BMW, that don't break the bank, be sure to check out all of the stylish offerings from Aodhan! Click below to shop all of the Aodhan options available at UroTuning, or scroll down to see a few of our favorite Aodhan models!


Based on the popular motorsport inspired mesh design, the Aodhan AH02 combines timeless design, modern functionality, and an aggressive lip size to create a wheel that pairs well with any vehicle application. Available in a variety of fitments and finishes, the AH02 is perfect for any ride!

Click below to shop all of the Aodhan AH02 options available at UroTuning.


The Aodhan AH-X is a single phase forged wheel that is defined by its multi-layered complexity and slightly pocketed spokes. Featuring a split seven spoke design, the AH-X is the perfect blend of complexity and simplicity, making for a timeless wheel that looks right at home on a wide variety of makes and models.

Available in Textured Bronze, Hyper Black, Matte Black and Machined Silver, the AH-X is available in a range of fitments and finishes.


A sporty and aggressive design, the Aodhan DS-02 features a generous lip size for the front and rear, as well as a deep concave open five spoke design. This simple yet aggressive design makes for a wheel that is perfect for a track look for your daily driver.

The DS-02 features a flush-mount center cap and is available in a wide range of fitments and finishes.


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